Thursday, August 19, 2010

One, Too Many Brushes

I absolutely dread it when I go to pick up a brush for a simple all over eye look and all of my brushes are dirty! I don't mind when they're clean but I sure do hate the cleansing part. Here's a photo blog of how I clean my brushes and what kinds of brushes I have.

This is the kawaii cup that I store my used brushes in. I bought this at Chinatown in Chicago where they sell Hello Kitty and other popular kawaii characters like Kerropi, Pikachu, etc.

Ever since I received the Sigma Brushes, I noticed that there was a lot of bleeding with the large Powder brush and stippling brushes. I emailed Simone telling her about the situation and she kindly forwarded the email to another person familiar with the issue. Tara, the second person, emailed me telling me that I should soak the brushes in White Vinegar. The ratio of White Vinegar and water should be 1:1. On top of that, the brush should be immersed in the solution from the top to bottom of the bristles for a bit. I do not know how much a "bit" is but I tried it a few weeks ago for maybe a minute but that did not do the magic. Today, I tried leaving them in for at least 5 minutes and it seems to have done the job. I am not definite, since they haven't completely dried,  but please check back for updates on this particular post. [note: You should only really have to do this once to get rid of the bleeding, once and for all. ]

The new method I use to wash my brushes contains a plastic container, rag, and your preferred brush soap.  I squeeze some of the soap in the container and add a little water to it. Then, I lay the towel over it and use one hand to hold down the rag to the container. After that, I swipe the brush in the direction away from where I am holding it so that it keeps the rag taught and it helps to, in a sense, exfoliate my brush (take off the colors.) Effective but disgusting.
And after a long 45 minutes, I individually swipe them on a clean cloth and then let them air dry.



JANE said...

Holy crap that's a lot of brushes! I dunno anyone who enjoys cleaning makeup brushes, myself included. I'd rather buy new brushes than clean mine hehe.

D said...

Jane- I agree. This is probably how I accumulated them.. o_0! It's awkward.. because I feel like I need more.

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Goodness gracious I echo jane's thoughts....that's a LOT of brushes! What a nice collection. I just rinse mine with soap and water because I only have like 3 brushes. That is a very interesting and long process you have to clean all your brushes : )

PetiteXXS said...

Oh boy that's quite a collection of brushes! I invested in a set of brushes a while back but I don't wear make-up (except for fun lol) so I've only barely used a few of them. But I've been thinking about how to wash my brushes too.. Don't really want to shell out for fancy brush cleaner since I'm not a frequent user - I remember reading somewhere that shampoo works so I was planning to try that (haven't gotten around to it yet though!)

D said...

PAG- I remember when I once had three brushes. It felt so cool to have even one. It may sound weird but I feel like I need more brushes.. something of Extraordinary quality. I'd throw some of these out in an instance!

PetiteXXS- Nothing beats the good ole' Baby Shampoo. I've tried only Sephora's brush cleansers (the on the go and the actual cleanser one) and though I liked it, I wouldn't pay another $14 each again.

Lisa said...

I breathed in very hard/deeply when I saw your brush collection, haha. I have like... 8. Woman, that's quite the time you spent on cleaning those!

D said...

Lisa- The funny thing about this whole makeup craze that I have, is that I don't even wear alot of makeup in public. My brushes get dirty from me trying stuff out in my room, day in and day out. hehe

jen said...

Is it bad to clean your brushes with facial wash? I just squeeze a bit into my palm and then wet it and use the brush on my palm in a circular motion until there is no more colour coming from it... then rinse. I do this once a week. Is this not ideal? I've never looked into buying brush cleaner. Do you think there's a difference and is it worth it to pay for?

Have a great weekend dear!