Thursday, August 26, 2010

Curvy Petite Fashion Photo Blog #1

Hello and welcome to my first petite fashion blog. I identify as curvy petite because of my pear shaped body. For reference, my measurements are 32-25.5-35.5 and I am 5 feet tall. This blog will be  an overcast of my changes in style of how to find and wear outfits to best suit my body. I can't do this alone, I need your critiques, tips, feedback, whatever you want to call them. These outfits, most of the time, are only tried on and never worn out because I'm not too confident in how they look.

I recently bought this horizontal striped floral tank in a size M and it's really huge but I really liked it so I bought it anyway. It's long but too as long as a tunic and so I decided to wear a tank underneath, skinny jean jeggings, wear a belt around the waist, and a necklace. Over it is a jean jacket.

I'm wearing a padded shoulder polka dot blouse from The Limited. It used to be my mother's from the early 90's. This is surprisingly in a XXL and my mother was definitely not a XXL but I think they used to like them loose back in the days? You can see it sagging in the front and I'm trying hard to keep my hands close to my body so the rolled sleeves don't undo.   [NOTE: This is why I do not wear tight mini skirts, they accentuate my manly thick legs. ]

I decided to add a pearl necklace that my sister made me for my birthday and wear an H&M high waisted pair of shorts in Size 2. I'm usually a size 4 but for some reason, even this pair, is loose on me. It doesn't fit well at the waist and slips down.
I couldn't decide what to wear for the shoes. This is a pair of kitten heels from Payless and it's a darker beige color at the tip and more of a vanilla for the rest of the shoe. For such short stubby legs, should I really have to wear higher heels to elongate my legs?

Thanks for coming by and I hope to hear feedback from you all. Anything is appreciated. =)


Jessica said...

Hi Diane!

Thank you for the compliment! The boots in my banner don't hurt or feel uncomfortable at all! The wedge is made up of this rubbery light material that absorbs the shock of your steps and even adds a light bounce.

Btw, cute post!


PetiteXXS said...

I think the outfit is cute, and your legs aren't stubby looking... but higher heels would make a big difference! Also I find that nude-colored shoes really help elongate legs as well... and vanilla/ivory definitely isn't the same as nude!

D said...

Thanks! I am definitely getting me some nude pumps! Something that is 5.5 friendly. A lot that I like r way too big

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Ah Diane how nice to see some outfits from you! These are all very nicely put together but my eyes are drawn to that blouse from your mom. I love the padded shoulder detail and am shocked it's an XXL lol! These days the Limited runs so big in sizing.

Kimberly said...

awww i love the photos! great outfits

XO Kimmy

Kimberly said...

awww i love the photos! great outfits

XO Kimmy

Kimberly said...

awww i love the photos! great outfits

XO Kimmy

Kimberly said...

awww i love the photos! great outfits

XO Kimmy

Kimberly said...

awww i love the photos! great outfits

XO Kimmy

Jen said...

Love the skirt.

Alyssamae. said...

Cute outfits!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

You look so cute! I think you shouldn't be shy to wear these out... they look fab on you! :)

bubbs... said...

You look fabulous! I love high waisted shorts.


Toothfairy said...

I love the second look, and btw... wearing high heels does make your legs look longer and sexier, but I don't wear them all the time, my Uggs are too comfy, and I'm at peace now about the fact I'm just plain short!


PetiteXXS said...

The nude pumps I have are from Banana Republic. They're not perfect (color's slightly orangy for my skin tone), but the leather is really soft and it has a platform so is more comfortable with a higher heel. I bought them long while ago and they serve their purpose, so I haven't really been looking around at nude pumps since, so I'm sure I'm much help. But I know PAG loves her Target nude pumps which are pretty affordable, and while a little more expensive, I like Ann Taylor pumps in general as well. For even MORE expensive, Cole Haan pumps are reportedly pretty comfortable. Hope that helps! :)

herwaisechoice said...

DIANE! So great to see you posting outfits finally, girl! I love the second look, you've balanced it so well and in fact, you hips actually look really small!

Please, no more about your so called "manly thick legs"... if yours are manly and thick then mine are morbidly obese. You look GREAT.

Have a great day!

Canadianpetite said...

How come you have two blogs? I don't know which one I should follow. I love that top from your mom. Is it possible to sew a button that will keep your sleeves rolled up? Or maybe have it cut to 3/4 length? Have you tried this with gold necklace so it flow better with your nude shoes?

Curvy Petite said...


Hi and thanks for giving me some feedback. That shirt would need a bit of tailoring as it's too wide for me so it bunches up on me and yes, great idea about the button on the sleeves. This was made for my youtube videos and the other is exclusively for my curvypetite blog!