Sunday, June 6, 2010

Recommend me something

Lately, I have been witnessing some dark circles and fine lines on my under eyes. Finals have already passed but I am still stuck with these. It's anti-aging time for me! My under-eye sockets don't feel very elastic anymore and feel and look rather hollow. Please rec' me a great concealer and moisturizing eye cream. 

on another note, my EDM foundation is no longer doing me any good. It looks gross on me and so I am on the lookout for light, preferably powder/mineral foundation. I do not mind liquid foundation.  Pleas rec' me a lightweight foundation, sheer and natural looking and build-able to heavy coverage!

Thanks dearest!


Iyah said...

I recommend H20+ eye cream! :) It's my HG eye cream. I barely sleep and yet it keeps my eyes from puffing or having dark circles :)

ssyvg ( Nail tech / Artist ! ) said...

Diane, have you ever tried green tea on your eyes? The caffeine in the tea supposedly helps soothe the darkness under your eyes, making them appear lighter. Plus, it's full of antioxidants. You can use soaked tea bags and put them over your eyes and let them sit. Or, you can soak some cotton pads in green tea and put them over your eyes. The first time I tried it, I noticed a tremendous difference when I woke up the next morning. My bf even looked at me weird and asked, "Do you have make up under your eyes or something??" lol. I told him nopppeeeeee.

As for concealer, I haven't tried many. But right now I'm using Jane's No-show concealer. For me it only works good with a primer. Otherwise it gets really dry and cakey. =/ My school uses Youngblood mineral make up and their concealer is HEAVENLY! It's so light, blends so well, and has full coverage without being cakey. I'm still waiting until I'm able to have enough $ to splurge on it. *^^* I hope you find what works for you! =]