Thursday, May 20, 2010

Love Package from Lindah!

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I’m blessed to have gotten closer to a few bloggers on here and Lindah is one  of them. It’s amazing how blogging can bring random strangers together! <3

Anyway, not too long ago, Linda contacted me if I would be interested in the Stila “Runway” palette cause she knows that I love Stila and am a fan of neutral colors. We are like day and night with makeup. She can sport those bold colors and look right whereas I choose to be on the safe side! The last thing I want to look like, is a clown! ^_^

I loved her cute little memo note with Chococat! Not only that, she send me a brand new Stila smudge pot in Black! The last time I had a Black gel liner was… way too long ago to remember!
Here’s how the palette looks like!


It feels so velvety soft and I’ve worn it for 2 consecutive days now! My current favorite!

Thanks Linda and I will return the love, when I figure out what to send! hehe ^_^


Chrissy said...

That was so nice of her. You were so lucky!

lindah said...

aw, the smudgepot is actually the mini size! I'm still trying to get through my full size one -_- ahha, it's been over a year now! I'm glad you really like it :) After dealing with my blogsales, I thikn I prefer just giving my untouched things to bloggers I love LOL! xD And don't worry about returning the love, I'm just happy it found a new home lol <3

acutelife said...

Hi Diane, how have you been!!??! long time no email lolz
btw here's how to make the almond energy balls you can use any nuts at hands :D let me know how it goes ok..
and did you buy the bling for hubby last time??