Thursday, May 6, 2010

How To: Lengthen your Lashes

If there’s anything you need, it’s got to be the Shiseido Mascara Base. This has worked wonders for me and I don’t have to apply false lashes that feel uncomfortable when I can lengthen my own! Shiseido is an Asian Brand that is very Asian friendly. Most Asian girls have that straight lash and this base helps to leave one’s lashes curled for pretty much the whole day! It’s semi waterproof too!

You will need: (These are not ads below! They are the products!)



Step 1. Natural Bare Eye w/o being curled
 IMG_2659Bottom View (It’s a little long but very thin and sparse! I tend to use liner for my top lid to give me that fuller lash look.)

 IMG_2663 Eye Level View (As you can see, my lashes don’t curl.. very typical in Asian lashes)

Step 2.  Curl lashes with Shiseido lash curler.
 IMG_2678 This is how it looks after using the lash curler! Already, you can see where I’m going..

Step 3.  Apply the magic, Shiseido Mascara Base!

Step 4. Apply your drugstore mascara and Voila! 

   IMG_2694 IMG_2695

Now let’s compare!

IMG_2663 vs. IMG_2691

IMG_2659 vs. IMG_2695

This is the reason why I do not care so much for false lashes because they take too much time. This is my time to have lush, long lashes!


Chrissy said...

What mascara are you using? That's an amazing effect for your lashes! I need to invest in a better lash curler...

giang said...

that is such a drastic diff! going to get some of that mascara base!

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Excellent step by step showing the mascara base! The difference is so impressive.

PetiteGorgeous said...

Hi. I have a question. I'm pretty much a newbie when it comes to make-ups, but I would like to use a mascara. The problem I've with mascaras so far is that they always tend to clog to lashes despite using a curler. The mascara base that you referred to, is that a mascara or a base for mascara?