Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Urban Decay on Hautelook

I always get excited when the sales on HAUTELOOK go on at 8 am because I’m always up before that.. but what I fail to always remember is that it’s Pacific Time.. meaning.. I’m usually sitting in class or at work during those hours and always miss out on the real deals that are SOLD OUT by the time I get on.

If you haven’t and want to check out sales from Urban Decay, Stila, 7 for all Mankind, BCBG, and other brand designers, here’s my invitation code for you.




I’m excited to tell you guys about what I purchased and I can’t wait to try them out. Remember how I told you guys, I’ve been getting into nail polishes because I’m starting to bite less on my nails?? Well, I snatched this baby for $13. I honestly don’t know what to expect as it’ll be my first time purchasing nail polishes from them but don’t worry. I will fill you in with review!


Here’s a look at the set.

Urban-Decay-Apocalyptic-Nail-Kit Retails for $26.00 and was on sale at 50% -$13.00


The colors from L-R are

- White Widow (white sparkle)
- Gunmetal (gunmetal sparkle)
- Apocalypse (black-purple)
- Grunge (metallic peacock)
- Meltdown (royal purple)
- Big Bang (sparkling hot pink)
- Fbomb (true red)


Shipping was pretty high. It was about $5 bucks so my total came up to $18-ish.


What I really wanted was this Urban Decay Hall of Fame which retails for $29.00 but was on sale for $14.50! 50% off!




I’m quite jealous of you girls who got this deal! I mostly wanted the Urban Decay Primer Potion. I used to have that stuff and miss it dearly but have to finish up my TSFI first!



If you bought something, share the news!


.maitai said...

I wanted the Hall of Fame toooooo!! But I logged on HauteLook too late so all I got were the pigments. :P

Lulu said...

yay for goodies! now I regretted not getting the np set when i saw it this morning, it's such a good deal now that i think about it, but i guess i have enough np alrady? wait, never enough!!! :p I got the hall of fame kit during urban decay's 30% off sale two weeks ago, but haven't even used it yet! so I was sad seeing that I could have gotten it for 50% off instead, lol. but i guess it would have been sold out anyway, hautelook sales are so popular and sell out super fast! Can't wait to hear what you think of the nail polishes :)

tina said...

Man great deal you got there. I should of look at it when I got the email. lol

What part of Wisconsin do you reside in? I live in Wausau. It would be great to meet and hang out with you. Not many us makeup junkee blogger are from Wisconsin. hehehe

What's your nationality?

April said...

Oh my gosh I am soo jealous of the girls who got the Hall of Fame too!!! I got some lipglosses, but soo sad I missed out on the Hally of Fame.

tina said...

You know maybe we should get together someday. Lately my husband and I been driving to Madison. But at least lucky you you live in Big cities unlike me. :( More chances of you getting all the goodies. I have to wait until I go back to MN.

hahaha, are you hmong? lol You look like it but not really too. I can't really tell but I think you are. :D

I get excited when I find other hmong blogger who have a love for makeup like myself. ;)

acutelife said...

you know, sometimes I dream of moving to states just so that I can get my hands on all those makeup with great prices lolz oh and cheetos flaming hot of course XD

tinypaperheart said...

you have a great blog! :)

Vivian said...

whoo realy nice=]