Saturday, April 17, 2010

for the first time in 10 years, I……..

went fishing. I got an annual fishing license that was $20. The last time I went fishing was with my family when we were kids. I kind of miss it. I was such a fishing girl. My dad, brothers, and uncles used to wake up before dawn to go. I remember telling him to wake me up because I wanted to go too. That night, we went to the city fair/carnival and we did so much walking that I had cramps and couldn’t get up. When my dad came to wake me up, I was so much in pain that I told him I didn’t want to go anymore.


I miss those times but I’m even more glad that the hub bought me my first fishing pole and that I actually caught something with it!


IMG_1993 This is the first fish that I could keep. My previous two were Wide mouth bass and I had to release them because it’s not the season! The type of fish is a crappie.. I think..=)



IMG_1988 Such a sunny but windy day! The hubby didn’t catch anything all day. =(  Yay for matching sunglasses.


IMG_1983 This was the hub’s cousin Tommy’s first catch of the day. It was a sheep head fish! IMG_1991 Don’t you agree? haha. I can’t believe that’s the actual name.

 IMG_1995 This is our friend Chiey who caught most of the fish! This was one of many times. Yesterday, he caught the most and today he did too.


Fishing again tomorrow and I will update!=)





MAi said...

I LOVE fishing...what a great way to spend some quality time! I used to go fishing with my dad and brothers too on the 'free' days, where you didn't need a license. It was so cool!

I love your aviators! SO cute!

YingX said...

$20 for an annual fishing license?! wow! it's closer to $50 a year in California :(

Zoua said...

I miss fishing as well. Fishing brought us all together... really great memories and I'm sad that it's something we aren't able to do anymore. Dad is getting older and is less active, there really aren't fishing places nearby, no one is willing to really drive a couple of hours to a fishing spot.. remember we'd drive about 2 hrs to get to Providence? That one long bridge? Fall River?

And yes, I remember us always wanting to go with. I'm not sure how old we were but can you imagine Sandy telling us to wake her up bc she wants to go, too? My initial thought would be, "no, you're too young." but I guess we really have to remember how much things like that means to them.