Friday, March 5, 2010

February Favorites

For the past month of February, I have been in love with nail polishes. I have a very small collection only because

1) I used to have a nail biting habit
2 my nails were to short and ugly
3) I felt there was no need to try and paint my nails, having them look UGLY!

but now, that's all changed. YAY!

There are days when I feel like munching on my nails.. Seriously, I don't know how it got so bad. My parents used to get on my case about it because it was ugly, very ugly..

When I was younger, I used to bite my nail and then try to peel it off my nail upwards. *ouch, I know.... I would try to hide my nails at school and stuff like that. It was soo ugly and it was for sure not just a habit but a disorder. Not only that, my younger sister started doing the same thing and one day, we both got our butts whooped because my parents thought we were crazy. HAHA, such funny days.

They were concerned because, they had seen some Hmong people with leprosy where they have lesions and stuff like that and our nails were seriously so UGLY, I can't even explain and I'm quite embarassed to even talk about it but yeah.. Now you see why they were so scared and worried...

So, yeah.. that phase died down but I never could keep my nails long and beautiful. I'm glad that it's over.. It's a battle you have to fight for yourself and fine a resolution to, yourself.

PHEW~ Long story but yeah. Enjoy my mini vid!

This is my new fav. nail polish for $1!


Lulu said...

yayy i used to battle with the same problem until i fell in love with nail polishes and paiting them really helped me to keep conscious about not picking or biting on them anymore, and as a result my nails can now get long! so excited :) i love the sally hansen nail polish remover as well :)

Jessica C. said...

I am very lucky to not have trouble biting my nails LoL

I loved the color of your enamel! this rose is flashy but I like