Monday, December 7, 2009

STILA LOVE! For only 9 dollars!

Foundation Wardrobe in Medium (there is Light, Medium , and Dark)

As you all know, I am using the Stila TM and I loveeeeee it!! is having a stila sale at 50% off and so at retail, this was 18.00 but on hautelook it was only $9 dollars!

I originally wanted this before I got my Stila TM but I couldn't find it at Sephora although it was on the website! This is great if you are on the look for a foundation/TM and want samples to try out first! Peony is the creme blush and I have heard so many great reviews on it too!

I can't wait! Get yours at hautelook and here is my invitation for you to join!




lindah said...

The products are itty bitty! :( I guess you can't go wrong with spending $9, but when you buy this at sephora it's TINY.. like trial size! It's totally not worth the $18 but for $9 I think it's a good deal :)

April said...

OMG! I want it but I dunno. I am a cheapo. I will probably regret it--yikes! How much was shipping?

acutelife said...

DO they ship overseas??