Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holidays + New Years Resolutions

Happy Holidays and Have a Happy New Year! (2010)

I can't believe that it's already 2010.
When I was young, 365 days felt like forever and
now, the days just seem to fly by.

A high school teacher once told me that if I think h.s (4 years)goes by quickly,
then College will go by even faster! She was def. right. I can't believe that this is my Senior year already (although i won't be graduating til next year)!

My New Year's Resolution (I believe these are achievable)
1. Be more optimistic in life!
I tend to look at the bad side in most situations. I still don't see the glass half full each and every time I look at it. I undermine myself. I think I'm not as good as others yet I have achieved such great things in my life. I sometimes don't believe in myself and when I don't.. I falter. This has happened to me before but I picked myself back up with the help of my scholarship advisor! Good things have come to me since I've started become sooooo happy and hopeful and positive.

2. Be more patient with the Significant other.
I'm not sure how I lost my cool with him but I am so darn grateful to have him in my life. he is Savior and Prince Charming! I love him to death. I don't know why I'm so impatient with him..? probably because I know he's the only one who I can act like that to since I'm usually TOO nice to others. At the same time, I have realized that I have hurt him by exerting my angers and frustrations with how people treat me onto him and not onto the people who deserve the bad side of me.

3. Eat healthy and stay active
Although I'm already at the right size for my height, I'd like to eat healthier and stay active. my mother died in her early 40's from a heart attack and so I have to make sure that I am eating healthy, being happy and staying active. I am not sure if it's a genetic thing but it's always a good thing to prevent myself from being ill in the future. I hate to drink water but I am going to try to drink at least 8 glasses a day!

4. Creating new memories with my loved ones
There's been a new addition to the family. My step-mom had a baby girl and she is sooo cute! I love all my siblings and often times, we don't take as many pictures as I'd like. I would love to make a scrapbook someday since my pictures are packed away in a shoebox.

I'll try and think of more but I can't. I have time right? please share some of yours with me by commenting!

*I have also noticed that.. we're growing older.. I'm starting to miss my childhood memories and seeing celebrities that I watched when I was a kid die just reminds me again and again that the clock just keep ticking.. Cherish these moments with your loved ones. Stay warm and safe yall!


MAi said...

Diane, you are always so bubbly and optimistic! what are you talking about? (= You always made me smile, you're a GENUINELY sweet girl... GENUINE!!!!! don't forget that. <3

alien man?! said...

That's a good healthy list of resolutions! I should work on mine.

J-ezzy said...

Oh my goodness, you really hit the jackpot in figuring out what you need to change. I think I can say many of your resolutions belong on my list. Appreciating life and being more positive, I too doubt myself way too much always concerning myself with what others will think. I'm so sorry about your mommy :( I think it's great you want to take care of yourself as best you can. If you don't mind, I recommend less red meat and dairy products (that's if you even eat that...). It will help you sooo much, I promise. I can actually talk forever on the whole healthy eating thing...not that I follow it to a T but I try. (Please read "Skinny Bitch", it's a great starter book). Anthony Robbins also has books on health and videos too.


mayaari said...

good list of resolutions for the upcoming year, and not too different from the resolutions i have as well :)

lindah said...

I gotta do #2 also! Mannnnn.. I am so impatient now! It's because he's impatient :P