Friday, December 4, 2009

FEMME- my fav. lipstick

Don't be afraid of the color! I used to neglect this lipstick because I was afraid that it would present a bold statement. I tried it out one day and fell in love with it. This is a great lipstick to compliment some orange coral blush! I don't have an orange blush though! I love it! It's very smooth like other round lipsticks!

This lipstick came in the set that NYX was selling in bulk last Christmas! I received a BUNCH of colors but I barely use any of the brown ones.

Share some of your favorite lippies!


Gaby said...

That is exactly the shade of lipstick I love! I'm still looking for the perfect lipstick, though -_-

lindah said...

I like it :) It looks great for summer! I go out with bold lips every now and then... but I really love RED lips! My boyfriend says it's not very flattering on me though because of my face shape or some ishh.. *JERK* but I don't care I still wear it :D

As for plain jane, I wouldn't say you are! You're more into natural makeup :) I think I'm just very outgoing and I don't want to look natural sometimes ^_^