Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sigma Brush Kit giveaway for my 1000+ subscribers on YOUTUBE

1. Must be subscriber
2. 18+ or parent permission if under 18
4. Make a account and follow me at
5. Answer two questions
5a. why are you subscribed to my channel?
5b. what can i improve on in my videos or blog
6. be sure to add your youtube username too!

starts nov. 5 and ends nov. 30th! Gives you a lot of time to enter!


SIGMA 12 piece Face and Eyes Brush Kit with roll
$89.00 value!


jrcurtis7413 said...

Hi, My name is Jessica.
A.I honestly first saw your contest and that's why I first subscribed. But I just got done watching your videos and I love them! Especially the "6brushestag" You are really detailed and that is something I need in order to decide if I really want a product! I just got a set of Posh brushes and I love them! I have heard a lot about Sigma brushes, but I haven't been able to afford them right now!

B.I can't really say that you need to improve anything, but maybe you can do some (eye) makeup tutorials and hauls cause I absolutely LOVE those. It helps me out so much! I can appreciate an honest opinion on whether you like something or don't.

Thanks so much for the opportunity!

My Youtube user name is:jrcurtis7413

LilliChantilly said...

Hey girl! I love your videos and I'm a subscriber because your videos are so informative and you're so sweet and well-spoken :) I would like to see more reviews and hair tutorials! They are very helpful and fun to watch. Also, it'd be cool to see some OOTD videos too. I see them on your blog and you have great style.. I'm sure people would love to watch some videos about your outfits <3 My yt: xoxMissLillian

denisse said...

Hey I would like to enter your sigma brush contest. here are my two answers:
1.why are you subscribed to my channel?

I believe I subscribed to your channel because of your eyebrow tutorial video. I thought it was really helpful to me. I was searching for an eyebrow tutorial and came across yours.

2.what can i improve on in my videos or blog

One thing i think you should improve in your videos is making videos more often. I noticed there several months between your videos so if you have the time I would enjoy watching more videos from you. Also I really enjoy videos that review different products.

My username is denimar86.

Thanks for having this contest!!!

yjennx said...

1. youtube is has such a great population for great individuals who love to share their love for makeup. i've seen so many gurus but you're the first hmong guru that i had come across. i find that you are innocent and true to whatever you do (makeup) and you don't imitate 'other' gurus. i as a "mac" makeup artist i don't consider myself a "professional" but i do love to watch your videos and learn more from my fellow "HMONG" sister. this is the reason why i subbed to your channel ... because of your innocence and your truths behind your passion.

2. honest truth from me to you ... something that you need to improve on is your understanding of the makeup that you use. i know a lot of gurus are confused on the product that they are using and they just basically speak out of their "butts" when explaining the product. in order to tell someone about a product you have to have the knowledge behind it. i've seen some of your haul videos what you need to improve on is your "knowledge" and "understanding" of a product! Thanks all girl! :)

Jenny Xiong

youtube user : mzcalgal

Beauty Snap said...

Hi I'm Mika - parental permission has been obtained.
I've been your follower for a while on blog but didn't know you made videos! So after seeing your contest video I subscribed and then watched a few of your other videos such as the eyebrow tutorial, which was very helpful! It really makes a difference.
Maybe something you can improve is the video formatting so they're not too long, but overall they are nice :)
Thanks for the chance to win a great prize! Congrats on your 1000 subscribers~
My youtube name is takaryomi.

XOXLOVE! said...

Hello, my name is See Mai Hang.

Q1: why are you subscribed to my channel?
A1:The reason I subscribed you is that you surprise me when I saw ur video First Makeup Porject...I was like wow... ur really creative and I actually know more about applying makeup from watching yours videos...

Q2:what can i improve on in my videos or blog
A2:You should do more makeup tutorial and hair tutorial...The way you tutorial I could actually get it and it's easy for me to do it me and my sisters...

My Youtube Accout : lovingmoibabe

forever_sandy_lauj said...

Hi diane, I'm sandylauj,
one of the reason i subscribed to your channel is because i see that you are creative and you provide direct details of your hair and makeup tutorials. I found myself looking though your channel when i first subscribe because of all your great makeups and the way how you do certain things. its so simple to follow and I love it. plus love your style. just perfect simple makeup and hair.

what I would like to see you improve is more tutorials. I know that sometimes, your busy with your own life. also I would like to see hauls.

lilig90 said...

5a.i subscribed to your youtube channel because i love watching your eye makeup tutorials because a while ago i got into makeup and i like learning from you and getting better at what i love to do i like learning differnt techniques from all the make up gurus(:

5b. i think that the only thing you need to improve on your videos is to do them more recently because i love watching them and learing from you because you are so sweet and nice.

my youtube username is: lilig90

Shandra Shinno said...

5a. the main and most important reason that i subscribed to you is that i noticed you have the same eye/eyelid shape as me. Being asian with double eyelids makes it difficult for me to follow tutorials on here because I dont have a true "crease" but i'm not monolid either. Thank you so much, you're tutorials truly help me.

5b. the only thing i would ask is for more videos. I understand you are probably really busy, but i love your tutorials, especially smokey eye ones (the area i struggle with the most).

thank you again for this opportunity!

~imisshome (youtube account)

fatima said...

Hi doll =)
5a. because your videos are easy to follow and very straight forward. you also have helped me to be more creative with make up. I also find your hair tutorial very helpful for example a while back you did a video on how to straighten hair which was a huge help because I didn't really wasn't good at straightening my hair until I saw your video

5b. I would love if you could maybe do more videos I know your busy with life and stuff but it would be very helpful to me. thank you again =)

FaDyA sYaRmEeN said...

5a. Why are you subscribed to my channel?
I've subsribed to your channel because you explain things about makeup &hair in the most detailed way possible...which I really's more informative that way :)

5b. What can I improve on in my videos or blog?
Do more videos & please do more reviews of makeup products in your blog...I love reading reviews! :D

Youtube Username: fadyasyarmeen

trouble7043 said...

youtube username : trouble7043

!) i think that you are very sincere and sweet when you talk and that, to me makes you more relatable. You dont sound like you are tryin to be someone you are not. You just have a quality about you that makes you seem like you are real, and people appreciate that!

2)I wouldnt say you need to improve, i would just say Do more to let the subbies know who you are, more tags that are personal and about you, or more of your favorite items!

xxxhollyxwoodxxx said...

A)I would like to say that you are a beautiful person! I actually started watching your vids because of the shape of your eye, me being an aspiring artist im learning new things everyday from youtube! And My newest challenge has become people with your eye shape! One of my best friends also has your eye shape and i find my self struggling to do her makeup sometimes! But i have learned alot by watching you.

B)Maybe you could do some more affordable make up, or make up thats nto MAC! i know alot of people say that MAC isnt that expensive but i mean maybe using something drugstore? thanks alot!

my username is xxxhollyxwoodxxx

Kiki Xiong said...

a. I subscribed your channel because of your hair tutorial, the first video! LOL. Plus you're super pretty!!! (I've been a subscriber for a longgg time)
b. I think you should do MORE videos!!! More hauls & reviews as well !

Greta said...

Hey I would like to enter your giveaway so here are my answers to the questions:
why are you subscribed to my channel?
i love your videos and i have been subsribed to you for along time and i have been already subbed to you before you made this cotest and i love watching ur videos!

what can i improve on in my videos or blog

i think how you could improve is by making more videos but i understand you might not have time because i make videos on youtube aswell and not allways can be making videos but eveything else is brilliant keep it up.

my youtube username is oxgretaox

TIGGLEx said...

Hi,My name is Farhana, I have parental permission.

A.I honestly subscribed to your channel because I found your Make-up and Hair Tutorials really intriguing to watch. My favorite is the Rushmetal Smokey Look and Megan Fox Inspired Hair Video. You encouraged me to experiment with my Hair and Make-up. I have learned so many tips and techniques from watching your videos. Now I feel Fab-u-lous.

B.I think to improve your YT/Blog channel I think you should do more Haul videos that are more detailed about the products. Also I think you need to improve on your "knowledge" and "understanding" of product; this will make a huge difference!. Apart from this I love your YT/Blog channel. :*)

Thank You for doing this 1000+ Contest.

My YT username is: XXDiamondEyeXX


YMY86 said...

Hi Diane,

These are my answers to your Sigma Brushes Contest questions.

1. I subscribed to your channel simply because of the way you are, and how you bring yourself as a person. Although I don't know you on a personal level, you seem to be a person who is very laid back and bubbly. Moreso, like a person that's fun to be around with. It's not because of how much or how little you know about makeup but your personality. I've discovered that watching other MUA gurus who has a lot of knowledge in makeup with an un pleasant personality, is not fun watch. Not only that but the less I am interested in the person, the less I don't know what they're talking about. AND PLUS you can never go wrong watching another Hmong Sista with her work of art :) (No offense to any other mua gurus) Just the fact that I am able to connect with you in a different way.

2. Secondly, I think that you can really improve your channel by making more videos more often. Whether if it's makeup tutorials, tag questions, hair tutorials, haul videos or whatever it may be. I think by doing so, it'll really improve your channel a lot. And Yes, I know that we all have our own personal life to deal with, but on the other hand you have to realize about the subscribers as well. I am not talking about two or more videos weekly but as least once every week or so. Or even twice a month, as long as you are keeping us updated as to why you have been gone or even ahead of time.

Lastly thanks for hosting this wonderful contest!! Take care!!

-Maowee Yang
DailyBread2007 --YoutubeChannel

mhtinkerbell said...
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εїз vαlvα said...

Hello, I'm a spanish girl, sorry my bad english =( But I wanted to participate.
1. I love your channel, you're amazing person and I love the way that you make your makeup looks!
2. I think you could make more videos!

Again sorry about my bad english and thanks you very much!


vivianhey said...

Hi Diane,
1. I subscribed to your channel because, honestly, I saw your giveaway. But I will watch your videos because you look like a nice girl and I look forward to watching your videos and tutorials.
2. I really think that from the one video I've watched so far that your videos are fine. It'll be better if your videos had better lighting.

YouTube Username: vivianJBWKZ

Thanks for doing this giveaway!!!

Mara said...

Hello, I'm Mara.

I actually came across your channel from another users youtube subscription list. I subscribed to your channel because I saw that you had plenty of haul videos. I especially like watching hauls because I get introduced to new products and websites(discovered from you). I think that your review haul videos are very helpful! Make more, please! =) Hehheh.

As for improving youtube/blog, since I'm a cheap makeup spender; I think you could do more reviews or tutorials on drugstore items. Also, maybe create videos more often, but other than that I think you're doing everything else really well! =]

My youtube is "araepik"

Thank you so much for creating this contest/giveaway!

MakeupIsMyWorld4Ever said...

i am makuepismyworld4ever on youtube and i am subscribed to your channel because i love your videos and love getting beauty tips from you.

i think you should make your videos better by making more hair tutorials

Kabao said...

I am subscribed to your channel because I saw your Sigma giveaway video and I wanna win! LOL. And because we are Hmong. :]

Some things you can do to improve your videos are the transitions in between the shots.. And add music!

OH! And BTW. My youtube channel name is: sandanhay

Thank you! :]

YingX said...

Hey Diane, congrats on 1000+ subscribers!
My Youtube Sn is: Walkingtoclass
5a. Back when i first started to get into makeup, you were the first hmong girl i found on youtube that did makeup tutorials, so i subbed. being hmong its easier to relate to other hmong makeup junkies because we have similar features.
5b. I enjoy watching your videos, hair and makeup, keep doing what you are doing. update as much as possible to keep your subscribers interest.

Annuhbythebay said...


congrats to you on 1000 subcribers and many more subcribers to come .

so first i would like to start out by saying why i subscribe to you well diane , the first time i saw you i saw you on asianbeautyblog and then i was so amazed by your skills and the makeup look that you do that RIGHT AWAY I HAD TO SUBSCRIBE TO YOU, and also you represented the asian race by making videos that even thoe asians are monolids we can still wear makeup ! :D and i love the fact that you keep on makin more and more videos , and esp because im a teen subscriber , i look for looks that arent too bold but it still makes a statement. and your tutorials are perfect for a asian teenager like me.

2. i really enjoy watching all of your makeup videos as i already said :D , love the fact you make alot of videos bout hair and makeup love it . and i would like you to just keeep us up wit the 411's :D and more hauls ? maybe i love hauls and reviews? but I LOVE EVERYTHING DONT CHANGE ANYTHING LOL . LOVE THE WAY YOU WORK THINGS !



madhavikl said...

1. I subscribed to your channel because you have variety of things to look at and learn from. my favorite vidoes of your are hair tutorials! <3

2. Improvements would be more hair tutorials or maybe even nail tutorials!

my youtube username is madhavikl
thanks a lot and and congrats on your 1000 subscribers!!!! :D

Annuhbythebay said...

my bad AND MY ytube name is : bayareannuh :D ty and CONGRATS ON THE SUCCESS !

Lorituela said...

Nice idea!
My name is Laura and my name in youtube is lorioce.
1-I'm a suscriber because I love how you do your eye make up and I don't know nothing about how to do it and I find you a good teacher =)

2-Also, I'm not an expert but it would be great if you did some kind of intro to your videos, I think it looks more profesional and gives your videos a personal touch.

I hope it helped you.

Thank you for your tutorials!!


melody said...

1. I subscribed to your channel because I love your hair tutorials and i love the way you do your makeup. (:

2. improvements would be more of those tutorials. you had a little fall out, but came back still strong.
just more videos would be nice [:
haaha. thanks for the contest !
and my youtube username is melodyylai.

I'm Anna. said...

1. i'm subscribed to your channel because you have some really helpful tips on makeup! and i love watching your haul videos because i love to see what people are getting and what they like and stuff haha

2. i like to see more reviews on products. i don't really know who to go to for truthful reviews because of youtubers giving false reviews and jazz but i know your reviews would be truthful so i would like to see more of that!

~Glossifyed said...

I first saw your channel through your bleaching video and I just started watching all your vids and love them!

B. You're great at what you do so you don't need to improve anything. I'd just like to see more hair tutorials and makeup tutorials, but I prefer hair tutorials more. That's just my opinion but you're great at what you're doing, hence the 1000+ subs! :D

My yt username is Glossifyed

TheBeautyTee said...

Well i first saw you when you did your eyeshawdow videos because im a begginer and needed help.. then a few weeks later I search how to cut bangs because im trying to grow my hair out bc it is short but i want my bangs short so i decided to subscribe to you cuz u have helpful videos

Well I like your videos because they are very helpful and well describe, but i like to see you do a foundation routine video, ypur top 10 drugstore products, your skin care routine, 8 most worn things, contour video, your favirote foundations and concealers and somw reviews. Sorry if im asking alot and you can update more on your videos and let us know more about you. I think subscribers should know there guru pretty well.

username: TheBeautyTee

TheBeautyTee said...

Well i first saw you when you did your eyeshawdow videos because im a begginer and needed help.. then a few weeks later I search how to cut bangs because im trying to grow my hair out bc it is short but i want my bangs short so i decided to subscribe to you cuz u have helpful videos

Well I like your videos because they are very helpful and well describe, but i like to see you do a foundation routine video, ypur top 10 drugstore products, your skin care routine, 8 most worn things, contour video, your favirote foundations and concealers and somw reviews. Sorry if im asking alot and you can update more on your videos and let us know more about you. I think subscribers should know there guru pretty well.

username: TheBeautyTee

Kristin said...

Hello, my name is Kristin! I found your account on a random youtube search. Just watched a few videos and i must say the haul videos are very helpful. I've recently started experimenting with makeup so i've been introduced to many new ideas and products! As far as improvements, i'd like to see product reviews on the lower end makeup, such as elf, as i'd like to experiment with cheaper products before investing in higher end.

Youtube username is: hyn24

andrea said...

Hello, my username is animesexpot and i'm a huge fan.

5a.I subscribed to your channel because you're very fashion forward and you seem very nice ^_^

5b. Honestly, you don't really need to improve on anything. Your videos are very high quality and your makeup looks are to die for.

sindylicious said...

Hi Diane!

I'm a follower on youtube for a while now but haven't notice that you actuallly have a blog. So I must admit thAT I subscribed because I saw your giveaway post.

About improving, I personally love hauls and review vids. So that's what I'm asking for, more vids :)

congrats again on your 1000+ subs.

mu youtube username : sindylicious

Kat said...


I am subscribed to your channel because I like to watch asian girls do make up since they are more identifiable to me. (ie. eyes and skin color) It's easier for me to look for makeup that you use! I also like the information you give.

You can improve in your videos by doing more drugstore makeup tutorials and hauls. Or tutorials in 5 minutes or less! That would be good since we are all very busy and are on-the-go!

youtube username: mskatlai

IriZz said...


I'm Iris, XxXPunkishXxX on youtube, and I'm sixteen. Today actually i turned sixteen. So happy birthday to me [ this sounds soo selfish]. Anyways, I'm from Romania, a reeeeeealy far away country and I can't afford those sigma brushes because if I'd order them online I'd pay double price. So yes, it would be the best birthday present I've ever got from a stranger. But I don't feel you like a stranger. Ok, enough about me.

A. I found your channel when I searched for an elf haul because I wanted to order some products and I didn't know what. SO I kinda copied you cause I looved your choices. And I subscribed because I liked the fact that you're one of those gurus who think at people who can't afford mac or stuff and you use cheaper products too. And I also like the variety of your vids.

B. I think I want MOOORE tags. I loove some tags. Btw, love your skin routine. But you should do the 50 random questions tag, what's in my purse or i don't know 6 products I can't live without. If you have all these and more and I didn't see it, I'm so sorry. Sometimes I;m a little "gone".

Anyways, loooove you and your vids. Hope you're fine.


mxlcpx said...

Hi there!

Thanks so much for this contest.

A. The reason why I am subscibed to your channel and I like watching your videos is because I am also Hmong. Its very hard to find beauty gurus that are Hmong. With the same facial characteristics and skin. We have almost the same skintone. So you looks great on you, will probably look great on me! You're the first Hmong guru that I subscribed to. After that, I looked at your friends list/subscribers list and found many other Hmong gurus. Thanks so much!

B. I just wanted to say that I subscribed not to long ago. I first saw your photoshoot/makeup project, and your collection video about 6-7 months ago. I was going to subscribe, but it seems like at that time, you stop making videos for a month or two. And you weren't logged on for one week. So I figured you weren't doing videos anymore. However, I recently found out you were making videos again, and I subscribed immediately. One way to improve is to make updates videos. Or videos about upcomings tutorials/reviews. Just something to let us know that you are still here. And lastly, this is not really a way to improve your videos, but I would like to see vlogs or tag videos! I love to know what kind of person you are, and just want you do on a daily basis.

Alrighty, thanks alot and take care. Xee. youtube: mxlcpx

2009FFB said...

Hi Diane,

I's 2009FFB your Youtube subscriber :)

I first subscribed to you because i was looking for a really great chanel to learn makeup techniques for asian eyes. I was also looking for someone who posted a lot of videos because I really enjoy following along with a persons tutorials etc. on a long term basis. And I found you! You have really nice looks that I can use daily and I really love that you are dedicated to making videos for us to watch. i really appreciate that :)

I really think that your channel could be improved by making more diverse videos (e.g outfits that you wear, nail tutorials etc. :)

Thanks for having such a great contest. I really appreciate your generocity :)

TRAYcee03 said...

Love the idea for your giveaway contest :) Shows why subscribers subscribe and what they like about your videos or want you to improve.

A - I think I've known you before I even subscribed to your youtube cahnnel. Not PERSONALLY but I've seen your work and loved it. THEN I found your youtube and HAD TO subscribe. Obviously because I loved/love your make-up and your videos. I think you're amazing at what you do so keep it up (: I might just want you one day to come be MY MUA for my models ;D ALSO - as an asian girl, it's very helpful to see how OTHER asian ladies do their make-up .

B - Improvements ... hmm, prob. just more videos :D I notice you've been up to date with making videos though so really, there's not much to improve ;) You've got it going on and I can't really think of anything. BUT maybe the lighting? It seems like the eyeshadows are washed out by the lighting you have but it might just be me? hah. OTHER THAN THAT, not much ;)

THANNNKS FOR HOSTING THIS CONTEST! :D Good luck to everyone & keep up with the awesome and helpful videos Diane <3


Melly said...

I am entering your contest and the first thing i'm suppose to do is say why I subscribed to your channel. Well, I found your youtube through your outfit of the day video and you seem so genuine and bubbly. I really enjoy watching all of your videos and I love that your giving all of your subscribers an opportunity for winning these brushes!

I really love your fashion related videos. I think youtube has several makeup gurus, but girls like me need the fashion videos as well haha. It would be so awesome if you're able to upload more of them!

Thanks so much for having this contest and you're such a beautiful person. good luck to everyone who enters.

soOdie said...

Hi vangdiane, my name is lisa and I just recently got marry. hehe. How was your wedding like?

5a. why are you subscribed to my channel? I subscribed because I love watching other girls do make up/ fashion/ hair/ and etc. I recently turned 25 and just discovered about make up and fashion. I'm a late bloomer hehe and I'm really fascinated by all these products and listen to other peoples reviews. I find it really difficult to put eyeshadows on with my eyes because they are small so i really appreciate your videos and techniques. keep the videos coming and i will be watching =]. <3

5b. what can i improve on in my videos or blog. I think you can do Fotd (Face of the day) or Ootd (Outfit of day - jewelry, clothes, hair and etc) , fast updates. List of items you like to use or your favorite. Review products are nice too, everyone loves to listen to others opinion.

6. youtube username: sodiee914

fadoua said...


A.I'm not gonna lie , I subscribed to your channel so I can enter the giveaway

B. It would be nice if you put an intro on your videos :) music maybe ...