Saturday, November 21, 2009

DIane's Skincare Routine

This was highly requested so I thought I would do this. First off, I am amazed by the number of people who think I have perfect skin. I really don't. Thanks for great lighting, it does its job at hiding my imperfections. This past summer, if you have been following my blog, I broke out ridiculously! I had a bunch of those tedious cystic acne on my cheek, all of which are gone but have left pitted scars. I am currently letting nature do its thing.

Attached is my video if you prefer watching how I explain or you can simply read below!

Night Routine
Currently, I am using this product to remove my makeup.( I am not a fan of this but I am just trying to finish it) ($25.00 USD)

MY HG makeup remover is this! I ran out but I will continue to buy and use this. ($18.50 usd)

After I remove my makeup, I use this gentle cleanser. NOTE: Don't not think this will take off your makeup! Cetaphil will not do that! ($8 at Walmart)

I usually use the Cetaphil Or Mario Badescu only but sometimes I use both, one after another. This is a gel form which I did not like because I prefer foamy cleanser. You will have to use circular motions for nearly a minute. I do this for more than a minute just to make sure that it's cleaning my skin! ($20 for 16 oz on; a much cheaper one for a smaller size!)

I use this moisturizer. It's really creamy and I use it because it's winter and I need something that will really hydrate my skin, even if I have oily skin. ($8 at walmart)

Morning Routine

I use Cetaphil and Mario Badescu on alternate days. Sometimes, I use both.

Once again, I use this creamy Moisturizer!


I have refrained from using those benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and sulfur based acne treatment because I feel like they don't work for me and dry my skin regardless the amount I use! I just let my acne feel naturally now!

I use this mask 2-3/week! It dries pimples, shrinks enlarged pores, and removes dirt. ($3-4 at walgreens)

Pure Apple Cider Vinegar- Beware of this stinky smell! haha. The hub hates it but it gives me glowy skin in the morning! I barely use this. Only once in a while, I will do this.

1 part of this to 2 parts water to make a toner! Don't use it by itself or you will burn your face.

That's all. I hope you liked it!


~Glossifyed said...

I wish I could get that mint julep masque in Canada. I always hear such good things about it.

acutelife said...

wow, I never know the apple vinegar could do that hahaha thanks diane, I might try just that :p

lindah said...

I saw a special at walgreens for the mint julep masque, but I didn't pick it up >< haha! Cetaphil is the way to go, that's what the derm always recommends!