Wednesday, September 2, 2009

7 Traits Tag, Thanks Skkaylove for Tagging me

Thanks for Skkaylove for nominating me. I love reading her blogs and I'm sure you will too.Check her out!

Rules of Acceptance:
*Acknowledge the person who sent you the award.
*Nominate 7 other blogs.
*Share your 7 personality traits so we can get to know you better.

My 7 Traits
1. I don't think I am entirely Type A because I have become laid back when it comes to cleaning and tidying up my room, clothes, etc but when I get to work on it, it must be in a neat organized way. Cleaning my room takes days because I do each section, part by part.

2. I love helping my elders when it comes to translating their mail, taking them to places that they aren't able to go by themselves, looking up services and helping them apply for it,helping them return things they order, etc.. I love that sort of stuff.

3. I love buying things for my family whenever I get the chance. It can never be just one thing for one person in my family.For my parents, it's usually getting something for each parent cause one would probably feel left out,even if it's not his/her birthday! They mean sooooo much to me.

4. From an early age, I felt like a boy in a girl body. I sometimes still feel like I carry conventional masculine traits. I tend to hide my feminine feelings like crying, feelings of being wanted, etcc inside. I don't express my feelings of love to the people who mean the world to me by mouth. I express it with the things I do. Most asian parents don't say stuff like that to their kids too; they love through encouraging you to go to school,cooking, etcc. Wouldn't you Asian ladies agree?

5. I have a love for fashion except I don't wear things too fashion-able because like my mother says, you don't normally wear it so when you do, the people you know look at you all different! lol! I agree with her.

6. I'm a pretty humble person and so are my parents. I especially despise women who always brag about their children and their achievements.Lord, as if we don't have achievements. Even if my wall was covered with certificates and plaque my parents would never put me out there. Technically, it would fill the wall but I stack them in folders (haha)

7. I'm an optimistic person and am usually full of energy but there are days when I amjust feeling blue and anti-social. I have a lot of hidden physical strength. People think that petite people are helpless..Nope!

I Nominate:

& Amanda


Amanda said...

aww I like these kind of tags.Because I can write whatever the hell I want lol. And I have to say we have a lot in common =)

Fafibaby12 said...

aww thanks for the tag love! Wait, diane?! dianevang?! the one who bought my stuff, or no? lol

LADYJANE said...

I think you were raised extremely well Diane :) I have mad respect for you, especially for #2. You seem so nurturing and dear, that is definitely a feminine trait.