Thursday, April 9, 2009

A shortage in Dermatologists?

I called to schedule an appt with a dermatologist on campus since we, as University students, get free services from paying tuition fees, and the receptionist told me that they are backed up until Finals weeks which is May 11th! Holy damn! That is late as hell. I didn't know that many people were even seeing dermatologists! She said there was a shortage.. now, I'm a grumpy gal.

Just did a workout on DVD and damn, I had to stop because I was tired and starting to sweat a little! LOL!


Beauty Snap said...

glad to hear that you're seeking a dermatologist :) Gah that's horrible that there's a waiting list for seeing one tho.. T_T
Maybe you should try an antiseptic cream for your face (it might kill the bacteria in the pimples??) bcuz i read nic nic uses something like that for her breakouts.
Too bad about the clinique foundation... I like clinique's moisture surge gel-like lotion! said...

that happened to me the last time I tried to make an appointment with a dermatologist at my school's health center. they were booked up for a whole month!! If you student insurance I'm pretty sure you can see an outside derm that is still within your insurance network, and your insurance should cover most o the cost (of not all). Hope it works out for you!

angie519 said...

Hahha, I can't finish my workout video either! I always have to take a little breather =P

Damn, high demand for dermatologist services on your campus! Sorry..!

whitebunny said...

i had terrible breakout last month, so i did go to the dermatologist at school. he gave me Stridex- this is non-prescription pads, Perrigo RX. he said i should use Neutrogena foam cleanser, and Cetaphil moisturizer too. these stuffs really work. my acne was gone in a week! hope this helps you too ^^

LadyJane said...

Dermatologists are always busy - especially during winter months. How is your skin doing?

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

My mom works at a derm practice and they usually book like for weeks out & patients yell at her when they need apts. :(
Oh I'm Kendall by the way.... :)