Wednesday, April 1, 2009

NYX Swatches

A few weeks ago, I was reading Jen's ( and she said there was a NYX lot sale going on. I HAD to get my hands on some of them as well.
My goodies got here today! Let's first start off with the lippies. This was the lots of 24 lippies. There are three rows of 8 in case some may look transparent to you. Click to enlarge.

Row 1: Sierra, Indian Pink, Hermes, Rapture, America, Love Angel, Spoiled, Opal
Row2: Snow white, Iced Lavender, Chloe, Aphrodite, Cocoa, Hebe, Bravo, Clio
Row 3: Iced Latte, Kona Coffee, Twig, Rhea, Bare, Ares, Electra, B52

I love these. I used to look Vanessa from and she wore a few of these to show how nice they looked! I don't normally wear lipstick but it's nice to own them. haha.

Next are the 43 eyeshadows. I am really glad that there were no repeats, same with the lippies. They are soooooo soft and easy to blend. It almost has a creamy texture to it. I am in love with these. These are my first NYX singles. Please click to enlarge.

L-R: October sky, Khaki, Chocolate, Sweet Lagoon, Slate, Ocean Frost

L-R: Gray, Navy, Salmon, Velvet Blue, Peach , Aqua

L-R: Space, Platinum Silver, Red Bean, Shimmer, Walnut Bronze, Jazzy Bronze

Top to Bottom: Aqua marine, Beanie, Mink Brown, Jade, Skin, Toffee

Sunset, Algae, Apricot Moose, Cream Cheese, Karet, Mediterranean

L-R Snow Cone, Wild Flower, Dust, Alaska, Olive Green, Cedar Wood

L-R: Marrakesh, Earthy, Ballerina, Halaiwa, Pink Oleander, Egg White, Eutopia

The next lot was of Trios and lipglosses. I'm really tired and I have to study for a quiz tomorrow. If you need swatches, let me know.

Toodles and goodnight!


Beauty Snap said...

Oh wow, so many nice swatches! It must've taken you so long to take pics and etc. haha
No I actually don't live in MA.. I live in NJ but really close to NYC :) My mother went to college in Boston so she wants me to go visit there! So how does your friend like Amherst? Idk if I'll get in.. gpa & sat scores are tough these days heh

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

oh wow thanks for sharing
i saw the sale but they dont ship overseas hahaha

paperdollrevenge said...

Wow look at all those swatches! Great haul! Good luck on your quiz tomorrow!

MiuMiu said...

it looks like you bought the whole collection of lipsticks and shadows =D

angie519 said...

Thanks for the swatches!

You got a lot!!!! =)