Thursday, April 9, 2009

HOT TOPIC: Young teens and Sex

What has the world come to? I feel almost sad that people are starting to have sex younger and younger now without thinking about the consequences of early teen pregnancy, STDS, etc. I'm thinking their parents probably haven't even sat them down for a talk about the birds and bees yet and they've already done the big no-no. I don't know, what do you ladies feel about it?

I know it's none of my business but sorry for caring about the lives of others and so on, at least have protected sex. I don't know, when I was 12, I wasn't even thinking about SEX! I was thinking about how scared I would be if a boy kissed me. LOL. I waited til I was at least 18 because I respected my body and myself and felt that it could wait until I was okay with it.

I have younger twin sisters who are currently 14 and they scare the hell out of me. I now know why my brothers used to get on my ass making sure I did not . HA HA! I would never have done that! Of course, I was flirty but the girl has some damn morals. Sometimes, I have talks with them about sex and thank goodness, they are still pure! haha. But yea, like I tell them.. respect yourself and love yourself.

I DON'T KNOW. The whole thing disgusts me because most girls just start getting their periods around age 12 and ughh, i don't know.. little kids. I still want them all naive and innocent but apparently, not in this society. I'm starting to feel like an OG because you know how they always talk about" you know, back in the days... we did this and we NEVER did this.. like you guys." I feel like that now.


angie519 said...

I agree.. it also scares me! When I meet teenagers, it's eye-opening to think that they're probably having sex..

I had sex at a pretty young age myself. I did choose to have sex with someone I love, my ex, THE ex that I always talk about. We were together for 5 years and I'm going to see him this month so I feel like I wasn't tooooo stupid for doing so. But sometimes I wonder why on earth I did so at such a young age. At least I was responsible though.

angie519 said...

My skin still has it's bad days. I recently tried using my La Mer Radiant Infusion again and my skin acted up.. ugh!

I've been using shu uemura's cleansing oil (white recovery ex+), but they have lots of different ones so try to find the type that best suits your skin. And I just got the Paul and Joe Foaming Facial Cleanser. Fresh's soy face cleanser works well too. There are lots of different face washes that might help! Stop by a Sephora and ask a SA! Remember to use a scrub once a week!

Hahha, yeah I wasn't 12 >.< thank goodness! 12 is waaaaay too early! That's middle school..!

Hahhahahhaha, awwww I'm glad you guys like it so much! =P hhehe

Vanessa M. said...

itscrazy! "sexting" its inane!

Girly Posh said...

i've heard of girls getting their periods as early as 9 sometimes.. yes that's pretty scary!

it's great you're looking out for your younger sisters!

MiuMiu said...

i wasn't thinking about sex that young either! it's quite ridiculous...i think it's probably the lack of education by the parents and the schools...and perhaps the kids are being immature about it and not willing to learn the consequences.

LipStick Staiin said...

younger and younger? wow.. it seems like kids now a days just looks younger n younger hahahha so thats soo strange they're learning soo young tooo! last nite on opera was talkin about masterbation n those kinda stufff tooo sort of...


kkkkatie said...

wohooo! I'm so glad that it works for you, and your hubby haha

LadyJane said...

I'm scared to have kids because they grow up SO fast these days. Your sisters are lucky to have you to educate them. I think that's what we hafta do to prevent youngsters from getting into adult-like situations. Knowledge is power, right? Hopefully our close ones will be wise enough to make good decisions.