Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Any HG products from Clinique?

2 weeks ago, the sis and I went to Macys to get that GWP from Clinique. I was in search of a foundation to cover mi-pimply face like a sausage pizza (LMAO!) [ oh yeah, i'm making an appt to seee a dermatologist!- Thanks to those who have given me advice and making me feel not so alone!] and the lady could not get the shade right! Either too white or dark or gray or orange! First Foundation that was *MATCHED (whatever!)

This was a foundation in the VERY FAIR range, according to Clinique, and also, it was a Neutral formula. I was surprised that I would be a VERY FAIR although my skin is not too dark and not too pale. I tan easily though. When I got home, I was devastated to see how pink and dark it looked on me. So, in my first attempt, it was a FAIL

Second Attempt in a different Macys

This lady also had a hard time finding my shade as the previous lady. They were making me feel OH SO GOOD to know that they don't normally take 5-6 tries to find a shade. Thanks, that makes me feel very good about my skin *rolls eyes*.. I tan easily and it's not my fault that you guys don't have anything that matches me. It looked nice in the store but it was too dark when I looked in the mirror. It's better for the summer time when I'm darker.

Clinique in my opinion, doesn't have many shades for GOLDEN people like me. They're golden but HECK, can't it be lighter? Their Golden isn't even *golden* it's like..... brown! I'm more yellow toned.

I am going to stick to mineral foundation since my skin is getting BLAH!

I am gonna return the foundation. What item from Clinique is your HG or a good product you love!?


MiuMiu said...

isn't there a HE brand that makes custom foundation shades? i think it was perscriptives?? i can't remember. hopefully you'll find the right thing soon =)

kkkkatie said...

I'm a total clinique skincare junkie haha.. I hate their foundations, but their skincare products really works wonders for me.

Some stuff that I'm currently using and loving:
- the Cleanser mousse that I sent you
- Facial Soap bar for oily skin
- Take the day off makeup remover for lids, lashes and lips (HG)
- 7 day scrub cream rinse-off formula
- exfoliating scrub (I love this in the shower)
- turnaround concentrate visible skin renewer (HG)
- Clarifying Lotion 3 (HG)
- all about eyes rich (HG)
- pore minimizer refining lotion

and probably a ton of more stuff that I'm forgetting. My bathroom counter looks like a clinique counter.

Hope your skin heals soon!

xphoenix06 said...

Hey I found your blog on XPPINKXX blog. I've personally never tried Clinique's foundations or makeup. I've only tried their Moisture Surge. It's a great moisturizer for me, it looks and feels like gel and a little goes a long way. I'm on my 2nd jar now. :)
I hear that Clinique foundations doesn't really work well for alot of asians and ppl w/ yellow - golden undertones. I think Clinique is better known for their skincare line than their makeup line. I think the only good product from their makeup line would be the gel liner in the jar.

Non makeup related but it's so cool to come across someone hmong online. Hope that didn't sound weird. I'm not hmong but my husband is hmong. There's not many hmongs here where I live.

Yumeko said...

mineral makes me break out

miumiu is right, try prescriptives, they do custom blends
i like their flawless line but the mineral line broke me out

kkkkatie said...

DO NOT buy the clinique lash primer! I have it and it does nothing for my lashes. You should have told me earlier that you want to try it, and I would have mailed it out to you with your package haha... If you want to pay like $3.50 shipping, I don't mind sending it to you for free. I hate having unused makeup lying around, u know? =)

Re: turnaround concentrate visible skin renewer. They say it's an exfoliater on the website.. and I don't quite understand that. I use it as a serum (after toner, before moisture). It makes my skin super smooth and soft. I think it aids in cell turnover.

Yumeko said...

ah i get u now
get the moisture surge?
its both good i think!
i buy it for when i fly!!

btw i am a bit busy lately but once i go postoffice i will mail u something

Miss imperfect said...

I think clinique's moisturizer are pretty good

Rachel said...

I have some reviews on Clinique. the only foundation from them i like is clinique moisture sheer tint spf 15 (only if you don't have dry patches), but it has very light coverage. Some people really like their Lash Power mascara, but it flaked on me =/ and I really love their Brush On Cream Liner. Their skincare is better than their makeup. Things to try would be the Turnaround Concentrate (this actually didn't work for me, but a lot of other people like it--you should give it a shot for your acne), super defense spf 25 age defense sunscreen (feels so nice and moisturizing), clinique liquid facial soap (I like the Mild formula), and Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm (a current staple in my cleansing routine--I always wash my face with a cleansing oil AND face wash, to make sure all the makeup and sunscreen gets off my face properly). Hope this helps, feel free to ask me more!

Also, I've actually not tried the Blemish Therapy before, but I probably should since I get really terrible hormonal acne lately =/ I'll try to get a sample of it and get back to you on whether it works.

shexilicious said...

- The Moisturizer
- Almost Makeup SPF 15 (almost like tinted moisturizer but with more coverage, plus SPF15 and the color will match :P ) -- HG
- Continuous Coverage SPF 15 (full coverage)
- Blushwear Cream Stick

rani faye said...

Aww, that sucks that there isn't a good foundation shade in Clinique for you! =( Right now, I'm using their Superfit foundation & I'm loving it so far! I also really love their Butter Shine l/s - it's such a great lipstick/gloss hybrid! Very creamy & they have a pretty good color selection.

I agree w/ previous commenters that if you're looking for the perfect foundation shade, try Prescriptives! They do the custom-blend =)

Good luck, girl!

angie519 said...

I haven't tried a Clinique foundation in forever so sorry, I don't know.

Yeah, mineral foundation may be a better option for you. But try Prescriptives too. And my sister's using one of those cream foundations by Shiseido and it does wonders to cover her acne and scars!

MakeupXa said...

Diane, you should try the (Clinique) Superfit foundation. I think it's their best foundation out of all of them! I've been using it for years and in fact I still use it still.

I hope that helps.

p.s. where is your "follow" button!!!!!! LOL! ;D