Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Past Weekend

This past weekend, I spent it mostly at my younger sister's school putting makeup on half of the girls each night. It was SUCH an amazing experience and I wish I had pictures to show you! I loved it and hearing compliments from each of the girls gave me more confidence since this was my first time doing makeup on a large group and one of the few experiences working on other people. Ya know, I feel more comfortable doing other people's makeup than my own! Awkward, I know. Also, seeing the girls huddle around me and watching me making sure who was next in line was kinda funny because there was this one other MUA but they weren't so happy about her skills.

On Sunday, my in-laws came back from their 2 month stay down south. It was kind of ironic how they left the snow but when they came back, we actually had snow from the night before. haha.

I ordered three sets of NYX and I should be getting them tomorrow. Anyone want swatches?


Vanessa M. said...

swatches of everything! lol said...

yay swatches! Yes please :)

I'd love to see how some of the makeup that you did on the girls turned out! :)

By the way, as for jewelry making, I've actually been making jewelry since high school but this is my first time making more "grown-up" jewelry haha meaning I'm using better quality materials (silver, gold filled) and definitely way better beads than regular craft store beads. I am still quite a newbie and I only know the very simple techniques. Thank you for your comment I'm glad you like them :)

angie519 said...

Aww sounds like you're doing well!

I missed you!