Saturday, March 21, 2009

Painful Acne bumps!?

This might be too much information but I thought I'd write about it to inform you ladies as well. I don't know but for some reason, I've started to get huge painful bumps that just surface to my cheeks without actually popping unless I do it. (I know, gross but it bothers me!) After one forms, another forms. I've been thinking a lot lately and so I researched about it. It could be that I have an imbalance in my hormones, an increase of androgens. I was reading about how when you think you've reached 20-30 and you are free of acne, it comes again!

oh why yes, that is me. My left side is acne free but I worry for my right cheek area. I should see a dermatologist but I don't want to get prescribed for birth control pills because I hate pills and am forgetful. My freshman year roommate took BC pills for her acne but it did not work.

Also, I gained 10 pounds over Christmas break. I am now 110. I am not sure whether it was my careless eating or maybe there is an imbalance. I don't have a scale in my house because I never had to worry about my weight.

What do you ladies think? Do you think there is a more natural way of balancing out my hormones?


Rachel said...

I get these when I don't get enough sleep, so if you're not sleeping enough that'd be the first area to work on. Also, avoid any hot/spicy/fried foods, which can cause the acne. They are painful because your body is unable to detoxify itself properly, and the toxins gather and try to leave through the skin. They're internal so you can't do much, but these bumps can be popped if you do it properly--you have to wait until the bump is at its most tender and painful, and squeeze the entire bump really hard with two fingers (works if you have short nails), and this cluster of white sebum/cells will come out. I tried taking birth control once to regulate my skin and it actually made it worse. I wouldn't take birth control unless you also need it as a contraceptive.

Gee said...

Well even at 20-30, your period will cause hormone imbalances. I wouldn't be concerned with the age factor, really.

I'd say stress is a huge factor. If you're at all feeling stressed, you need to find a way to decompress and relax. Stress releases hormones associated with androgens.

The average person gains 12 pounds during the holidays, so I wouldn't blame hormone imbalance on that either. But generally speaking, weight gain alone can cause and effect your hormones.

I say destress and balance your diet. And try benzoyl peroxide too :)

fuzkittie said...

I usually get break outs when I don't sleep right, and I don't eat healthy...

Beauty Snap said...

I found your blog through another person's blog.. sorry i forgot who!
I'm sorry that you are having very severe breakouts lately.
I recommend starting an exercise routine or some way to relax yourself and rid your stress. Usually I tend to break out when I am stressed out, tired, and eating unhealthily. When I exercise, I feel much better because of the 'happy' endorphins being released.
Also, I've read that the safest way to pop pimples is to put a hot towel over it to open the pore, then use a tissue on both sides of the pimple, then squeeze with your fingers. It's the most hygenic way, I think.
Anyway try a gentle salicylic acid facewash and hopefully your breakouts will improve!

acutelife said...

I rarely get acne..but I do when Im about to get my period. and also when Im under alot of stress.could it be some products that you just used recently>?last time I used SKII and I got horrible acnes all over my forehead and cheeks

LipStick Staiin said...

it could be depression why ur breaking out.. + gaining weight.. you should def see a dermatologist! im gaining weight too n my face has looks like its gotten so much nastier.. i think i need to start anti agin cream! and eww no i do not have the perfect eyes nose or lips... i hate my nose n lips =X but thanks for that sweet comment. i hope ur problem will be solved soon... xoxo


MiuMiu said...

natural mom always tells me to drink more water =D
110lbs!? i would kill to be at that weight again XD

irisax said...

oh no! this acne issue sucks :( i agree with the others; try changing up what you eat and exercising more (unless you already do haha).

110 is not that heavy! those ten pounds can come off no worries :)

mayaari said...

stress, lack of sleep, change in can all trigger bad breakouts. it sounds like you have cystic acne, where you feel something under the skin but you never/rarely see a whitehead surface? and the skin's kind of red/inflamed wherever the bump is? I get those whenever my diet gets really crappy, or I get really stressed out and don't get enough rest. if you can't see a dermatologist or don't want to take pills to clear it up, try using Mario Badescu's buffering lotion - it's a sulfur-based acne treatment for cystic pimples...sort of stings a bit, and works best if you use it right before the pimple gets really painful, but definitely works.

angie519 said...

I understand your worry with birth control pills. I'm actually planning on going back on them next month to help with my skin. There are several different types of birth control pills (different hormone combos). Ortho really helps with clearing up skin while Levlen and Alesse do not.

Do you take vitamins? You may try adjusting your diet too. Although I could never do that myself.. =P

I actually have some deep rooted zips that never pop (almost feel like bug bites than typical acne) on my right cheek. My left cheek is fine. I have no idea why ..