Monday, January 12, 2009

VS EXTRA 50% off any single reduced Coat/sweater

I got an email with PROMO of 50% off additional at checkout on any single purchase of sweater or coat that is already reduced. I want this one! It'll be only about $56.00 with shipping! How do you all like this? I'm a shortie and love accentuating my waist. Ya'll have seen my body pics already. ahah. If it's not a good choice, please let me know what YOU think I'll look good in!

Promo code is "PICK50" & only works on already reduced coats/sweaters


Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

that is superrr cute!
love the small amount of pinkiness!

shexilicious said...

so lucky... no VS here in Canada

acutelife said...

it's cute!! I love pink and this type of pattern :) it will look good on you i reckon

GirlyPosh said...

NICE jacket... GET IT! I need a plaid jacket in my closet too!

so are you really comming to town? Oh i LOVE SHOPPING FOR OTHER people... who knows.. you probably dress better than me.. i'm pretty dorky.. haha

so if you're ever up for shopping (which i always am) we can exchange #'s email me