Thursday, January 29, 2009

School +Update + Life

Happy Belated Chinese New Year! I'm late, I know. ^_^

It's only been the second week of the semester and I am overwhelmed by the readings! My normal day starts with waking up at 8 to shower. Before I leave to catch the bus which is right across the street, I munch on a granola bar and sip on some hot green tea. After that, I'm off to classes from 9:30 until 2:15pm of which I just munch on another granola bar. After that, I come home and grub. I watch a few episodes of CSI (NY) and then get started on homework! I will admit, I've never worked this much in my entire school career so let's hope this will pay off! It's a little past midnight and I still have a little of reading to finish!

The switch from Pre-Nursing to Social Welfare/Social Work was pretty easy. If I am aiming for the Social Welfare degree then I can graduate on time but I refuse to since I would rather prefer the Social Work degree! I'll have to apply into it so fingers crossed that I do well with the pre reqs. The good thing about it is that, after completing the program and graduating with the Social Work degree, I will only need one more year to get a Masters degree. So, in estimating my time left, I have about 3 years. It was a pretty late time to switch majors but learning is everlasting and never ending. I'm cherishing my time learning.

I've never had a spa treatment before. With all this school stress, I need to relax!


LadyJane said...

Good luck with your school Diane! Try to get as much sleep as you can cause that really helps with stress. Enjoy your spa! Bubble baths help too :)

fuzkittie said...

Good luck girl~ All your hard work will pay off! :] Happy new year!

angie519 said...

Happy New Years!!

Awwwww I totally relate to that lifestyle! I kind of miss it now that I'm all done =(. Hahah, I use to watch a TV show or two and then start homework haha.

Oooh awesome! 1 extra year after bachelors to get your masters?! That's great!!! GJ!

MiuMiu said...

school passes by so quickly...esp uni/college, in no time, you're done XD hang in there!

acutelife said...

hi girl *hugz* how are you doin?I havent been updating lately too lolz...btw, true that learning is everlasting and never ending! Im sure your hardwork will pay off in the due time :) and ah spa treatment, wait for my goodies for some DIY spa at home ;) lolz *spoiler*

Wind said...

Good luck with the switch!
Don't feel too bad about it. I switched late too =)

kkkkatie said...

Hang in there! Education is really the best investment one can make =) You can do it!!

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

knowledge is a great thing to have...sorry to hear its a bit hectic at the moment but it will be worth in

hang in there girl!