Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 Review of Komenuka Bijin Cleansing Powder

First of all, thanks a bunch to Diana for sending me a few samples of this baby. I actually ended up losing 2 out of the 3 sample packets because they are so slim and small. I kicked myself in the arse because I really loved it. Anyway, here's my review and keep in mind, what works for me might not work for you and vice versa!

What they say

Gentle Scrub and Cleanser. For exfoliating the old skin cells, Konemuka Bijin is very unique in using the grain form of the natural rice bran that is gentle and effective. With 30 applications in every packet, they're ideal for travel and at the gym.

Direction: Wet your face, put 1/3 of the cleansing powder from the small packet on your palm. Apply to the face to cleanse and exfoliate . The powder will dissolve and foam up to a rich lather. Wash thoroughly afterwards.

Ingredients: Rice Bran, Collagen, Glycyrrhiza, Aloe, Algae Extract, Chamomile, Seaweed, Honey, and Coconut Oil.

My review

I really liked this product! With the powder formula mini sample, I was able to use it three times before it emptied out. Only a small amount was needed to use for the entire face. As it states, I do concur that it's a gentle cleanser however, it's grainy to begin with but after I wet it with water to get the foam, it lost its grainy-ness but nevertheless, it felt very smooth, creamy and silky on my skin. After I washed it off, my skin felt literally squeaky clean without a drop of oil or anything. To get an idea, if I tried to glide my finger up or down on my skin, there would be great friction/resistance to do so! Of course, this can be drying so I made sure to moisturize my skin before it became tight. Darn, I was really disappointed in myself for losing the other packs! The creamy packet was basically IMO, the same thing but with water applied to the powder. I used it only once before losing it but I'm sure it would have lasted another two washes.

- many uses with a pack
-tiny and convienant for on the go or for traveling
-really does its job at cleansing the face
-feels and smells fresh

-package can be small- easy to lose or misplace!
-leaves you with a clean but dry face

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spankedelic said...

that cleanser sounds interesting! i will have to check it out.

angie519 said...

I was considering buying some of those! Thanks for the review!

Awww yay! I'm glad you found some brushes! =) hahah