Thursday, December 4, 2008

How to Handle Running into an Ex

Usually when I check my hotmail, I check out the MSN TODAY first. This one was posted so I thought I'd share. I've always been the DUMPER so... I honestly don't know how it feels to be the DUMPEE although, I did have a young childhood love that just never fades.

How to Handle Running into an Ex
By Jessica Knoll

Whether the breakup was amicable or a big ole heart-wrenching mess, crossing paths with a has-been boyfriend is never easy. Here's how to get through it, perhaps even gracefully.

Recently, former pop power couple Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake reunited during rehearsals for Madonna's concert in Madison Square Garden. The exchange between the old flames was said to be short and sweet. According to Debbie Magids, Ph.D., these two got it right. "When you run into an ex, the goal is to be as gracious but brief as possible," she says. Since not all ex-encounters are created equal, Cosmo identifies a few scenarios to prep you for your own potentially awkward moment.

When You're the Dumpee
If you bump into the guy who emotionally gutted you, put on a brave face. This means no yelling, blaming, or crying — these antics are best saved for your friends. And you don't want to confirm how smart he was to ditch you. No matter how poorly you're holding up, when he asks how you've been, smile and say, "Great!" Then move on.

When You're the Dumper
Guys behave differently than girls do when they've been hurt. Whereas it might be within your emotional capacity to "act" warmly toward the jerk who ran your heart through the shredder, when you're the jerk, don't expect the same treatment. Be prepared for his cold shoulder and don't dwell on it. Similarly, restrain yourself from being overly nice or concerned. This is only a means to alleviate your own guilt, and might even lead him on.

When You're Still Tempted
You kinda secretly hoped you'd run into him this way: out with your friends, looking and feeling gorgeous. You've had a few drinks and suddenly … you're missing him. Stop, take a deep breath, and mentally list all the reasons why the two of you were not meant to be. Then, remind yourself how long it took to get to this good place you're in now. Don't waste that kind of confidence and energy on him — instead, channel it toward the newer, hotter guy across the room.


xppinkx said...

all i have to say is turn around and walk the other way ...

or have some hate fuck....


imee said...

informative =) but here's my version:

if you're the dumpee:
throw sumthin at his dumb ass!

if you're the dumper:
point and laugh!

if you're still tempted (and happen to be single):
jump on it!

but it's kinda crazy that MSN actually wrote about this. thanks for sharing =)

Wind said...

I did not know MAC had just an N foundation too. Cool! You should tell me how it works if you get it =)

angie519 said...

Hahah my last ex and I are still close. We talk every day and we see each other once 6 months or so. Haha.. complicated as hell!

jeSmakeup said... so i can invite u link me ur blog as well

Kimberly Tia said...

im still frieds with only one of my ex's otherwise -- the others i avoid like the plague.

angie519 said...

Aww that really is bittersweet! =(. When I told my ex that, he asked "Are they happy?" haha. I'm assuming you are. And if so, then all the better then. It is a sad situation though, at least from my point of view, hoping that we could somehow find our ways back to each other years in the future.

xppinkx said...

BEING FILIPINO MEANS THAT WERE ARE LAZY!!! so the clap on clap off is like a no brainer to us!


LadyJane said...

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