Thursday, December 18, 2008


FINALS ARE OVER which means I'm as happy as can be. I was overly jealous of you ladies who have been blogging about finishing this semester already! haha. BUT, that did not stop me from coming on here while studying for Finals as well. YAY! Time to celebrate! Wow, I haven't partied this whole semester, had any alcohol substances, gone to a dance, or anything. DAMN, that's all going to change this winter break! Just a little bit here and there.

Not many of you know but I have 4 sisters(excluding my half sisters) and because of education, my two sisters and I live in a different town from my parents house. My younger sis, her friend, my hubby and I live together while my other sis who is maried lives not too far from me. Because of out different schedules, we never visit on the same weekends. HAHAH. It's weird and funny.

SO, because she's graduating from the University this weekend, my whole family is coming to visit. SHIT, that means I have to clean and tidy this place up! haha. I'm so excited because I get to see my brothers and their families, my step mom and dad and my cute cute cute younger siblings. The ones who will be missing out are my neice (at her maternal grandparents house for a visit), my nephew (different brother's child) is at his maternal's grandparents house, my youngest brother- who is living with my aunt's family in FL, and my beloved deceased mother. On days like these, I always shed a gallon of tears because she's not here physically so I can see her face. I miss seeing her smile and facial wrinkles; she smiled a lot.

It's so rare to see us all together because the family has grown. My dad was an orphan so he wanted to have a lot of kids to make sure they had each other and of course to create lineage even if it meant we had to be poor. I know I'm going EMO but, I really miss the days when we were altogether but now we're grown and we each have different lives...

I'm nothing but a reminiscent BITCH! It's an addicting hobby. LOL


angie519 said...

Oh wow, I had no clue you had such a large immediate family! =) I'm sorry to hear about your mother. I was helping a customer today and hearing about illnesses and deceased husbands just brought me to tears..

I wish I had gotten snow tires. Chains are useful, but I hate driving with them when local roads are okay and slushy whereas my area is packed with ice and snow >.<

Thanks sweetie! I try. I slid around a lot today .. haha -_-

angie519 said...

Hahha I'm glad I'm not the only one! I have so much room at the top and on the sides. And it never fits my eyes and lips right!

They are super soothing!

Yumeko said...

i somehow chanced upon your blog and this entry

and it really strikes a cord with me since its christmas/holiday season

i always get this way too as my mother isnt with us anymore

thank you for sharing.

Makeup World said...

I thought that University had their graduation last week/weekend?