Friday, December 12, 2008

Griddles are the way to cook

A griddle like so, is my new favorite kitchen accessory. It heats up fast to 400 degrees. It's like.. COOKING MANIA. I can make 7 pancakes out of 1 cup of pancake batter in less than 5 minutes! I've already made my own kimchi fried rice within 10 minutes. The non-stick is even better because there's no scrubbing to do. AHHHH, I've been using this more often than my own oven.

The center piece handle you see there is actually a duct that collects the oil that drains into it. LOVELY IDEA HUH?

I have the 17 inch griddle bought from Wal-mart which was under $20 bucks!. DO you ladies have favorite kitchen accessories? Spill it please.


Audrie said...

LOL I have never owned a griddle ever! Although they look so useful, perhaps it's time to invest in one...

angie519 said...

I bought one from Costco. The other side doubles as a grill. I love it! =)

Hrm toaster oven is probably my favorite, as well as the Kitchenaid mixer. I'm dying to get a food processor to make pesto.

Iyah said...

we have that at home! hahah! I love it and use it to cook pancakes and bacon :) sometimes eggs :)

Thanks for the comment girl! :)

shexilicious said...

mmm.. bacon.

Kimberly Tia said...


cuuuuute, what a great xmas gift idea too! I could totally use this to cook my korean bbq meats, or pancakes, or ooOoo grilled cheese sammiches... how FUN.

what a must have!

fuzkittie said...

Haha~ Sounds so convenient!
I love my Sanyo 3 way cook top!
You can do hotpot, teppanyaki, sukiyaki, ... anything! :D

angie519 said...

I eat a lot and richly too =P

Hahhahaha awwww don't worry about that! You don't have kids yet right? Well I hope once you're pregnant, you don't develop widthwise. I feel so bad for the mothers who carry the baby/weight on the sides of the body instead of out front. I hope I'm one of those mothers who don't look like their pregnant til they turn around haha.

Mmmm that sounds like a great gadget! We eat lots of sticky rice or those little cake thingys since they're big in Shanghainese cuisine. I want to find one!