Monday, December 1, 2008

Celebrity Picture: Guess WHO

Where have I seen this picture from? What drama is he from? He's sexy. I once read on his info that he is 22 years old, 6 feet tall, a bit of Thai and mixed with something else! Ladies, help me out. I forgot his name. ^_^

hahaha. jk. He's my husband. I just thought I should add some fun in here. But really, he is tall, young, and sexy! but on to more important things imo.

What's your opinion on adopted children and their unknown identity?

I never really cared about this issue until I started dating my husband. It never once rung a bell in my head that he was adopted because he knew how to speak Hmong and I thought he looked like his mom and dad. As we dated for a much longer time and through a close family member, it was released that he was indeed adopted. I remember my parents getting on my nerves from asking me what his ethnicity was. I didn't feel like asking because I didn't know if he knew he was adopted ya know? But, it's so obvious too because not many Hmong guys are 6 feet tall, dark skinned, and skinny. So yadiya, back to what I think...

I'm just really curious as to what ethnicity he is. I WOULD ask my father in law but he'll probably flip out questioning me why I question if his son is adopted. So, I don't want to do damage! haha. The husband was born in SE Asia, in Thailand. I know that he's a mix of Thai and something else but I don't know.

I will stop here because I never know if I should include more details. I'm usually a close off person but his identity has been on my mind for a long time. I'm just curious in terms of

1. (If I knew how his mom and dad looked like) I would be able to get a few more ideas of how my children will look like.
2. Any health background awareness so we kno what his chances of having what are.
3. just feeling like you have an identity

I know that he does want to know but at the same time, he was brought up by the two most loving people on Earth and because they loved him so much, he doesn't feel the need to know because all that matters is that he was given a good life.


Iyah said...

Your husband looks like one of those guys from Asian TV series :) You guys look cute together :D

jeSmakeup said...

hhahah iono who that is. never heard of him

angie519 said...

Aww you guys are cute! What a good looking couple! My ex is 6 feet =P.

Yeah, my dad doesn't like to talk about his past, his family and his childhood. His family is a big ol mystery to us. We think he's part Mongolian or even European. He has some red hairs haha.

Hahha yeah. I saw the video on Ricebunny's site. Quite useful!

Vanessa M. said...

ooo hansdome! it happens w the wondering, my cousin is adopted but his gf hassled him to find out his "id" but he was happy w the way he was, its a personal thing i guess.. i say let him be who he wants, if he wants to know hell do it if not then who cares! :)

Anonymous said...

He's so cute Diane! Honestly, I really thought he was from one of those asian dramas! LOL, I was ready to search him up and watch the drama he's in! Haha, not even gonna lieeee! Haha you're so lucky! LOL, anyways nonetheless, you're kids will look so beautifuL!