Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Brushes Question EDITED Version

Attention ladies: I have come to the conclusion that I would like to try out the Costco Kirkland brush set. If any of you ladies have membership, I'll pay for the shipping and cost! Thanks!

Hey Ladies,
Where can I get some affordable nice face brushes. I just tossed out the only powder brush and a contour brush which was from ELF. It was harsh on my skin and I bought it from a year ago. OUCH. Although I've been wanting to buy more makeup, I wanted to buy something nice to wear my makeup with. You're thinkin ELF, that cheap brand!? I know... =(. I'm a poor gal.

People have been saying that they can find Posh brushes and stuff like that for cheap at Big Lots but I live so far away from one that.. it's not available to me.

With combination skin, the Mac blot powder I got from Adriyah has helped a lot but no POWDER brush! *cries*

Help me out!


Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i hear crown brushes are cheap and good! i have also tried sonia kashuk brushes from target when i was in usa for 2 years and i like them too, hope that helps

feel free to send me an email about a swap anytime. i havent got any major lemmings but if u got something in mind, let me know

paperdollrevenge said...

Ahh I'm not too good on picking brushes, I have a makeup artist friend who I want to help me pick out MAC brushes 'cause he told me my blending eyeshadow brush looks too big. =X

But I've had brushes from Sonia Kashuk, Sephora, and EcoTools. EcoTools were the softest, but I only wish they made more brushes. So now I'm going to start looking into MAC brushes.

I heard CS and Crown brushes are nice too.

What's your nickname on Poupee Girl? I'll try to find you and add you as a friend. =)

spankedelic said...

Sonia kashuk brushes are pretty nice! are you looking for a whole set of brushes or a particular brush. my favorite one to apply blush is from silk naturals. it's a good brush. looks like a mini mac 187. maybe try silk naturals or coastal scents? i've gotten some of my eyeshadow brushes from cvs/target. they're pretty good. i'm not sure if the brand was beauty tools or something along that line.

SPECiAL x GiRL said...

i use ELF brushes & other products too so dont feel cheap haha. it is definitely worth the dollar but its annoying how the brush gets all scratchy after a week or so. id suggest getting ecotools brushes. they are available at rite aid. they are very soft and affordable! plus, eco-friendly : )

SPECiAL x GiRL said...

hmm that's strange then. i've had my eco tools brushes for awhile and they're okay. hope you get a hold of the kirkland brushes soon : )

angie519 said...

I have an older Kirkland set and it's quite decent. But I also really like Coastal Scents brushes. I have several of the ones with pink handles (crease, line and stippler). Their badgers are really really nice.

If you still want the Costco set, I can probably get it for you. I'm just not sure when I'd be able to do so.

Happy New Year!

LadyJane said...

I hate ELF brushes - they shed way too much. I agree with Trinh - Sonia K. brushes are pretty good and so are CS ones - give them a try! I wonder how NYX brushes are cause they're affordable too.

Bonnie said...

Sonia Kashuk brushes from Target are great! & Although I never tried Essence of Beauty brushes (found at CVS), I heard great reviews about them, you should try them out! I wish I could try the EoB brushes out but Canada doesn't have any.

& OMGSH, Love my Kirkland brushes (the collab with Borghese (sp?))!! Amazing, girl trust, it's so worth it! I hope someone eventually ships them to you! If not, msg meee! I can def. purchase them for you if Costco has any left that is ;)