Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Things that Do NOT Matter in LIFE are HATERS

After talking to someone very inspirational and motivating,, I've decided that these are some main concepts that I have to keep in mind.

1. This is your life and you live it the way you want.
I currently AM living the life I want but others want to bring me down! Not liking that but HEY, I'm learning how to get past that.

2. Let people who criticize and talk smack continue talking
Shit talking never ends. LOL! I love hearing new things about me, especially when those things are exactly what the shit talkers are.

Quick Story that I posted on my Myspace:

About two weeks ago, it was my niece and baby sister Amy's birthday party. One of the Sister in law's girl cousin got done eating and sent her plate to me. (I was washing the dishes) And the odd conversation with a girl I have never met before went like this.

Her: "Where's your baby?"

Me: *giving her THE ROCK eyebrow look* " HUH?"

Her: "Well, I heard that you got pregnant and that's why you got married?"

Me: UHH, NOOO. I do NOT have a BABY nor was I pregnant and I DO NOT plan on having any anytime soon."

Her: "Ohh, that's true. That's good." *walks back into her seat.

You're probably thinking "Why didn't you ask her where she heard this from?"

Because the bitches who spread that rumor were the unprotected bitches who got pregnant, got married, and had BIG (no offense- I love babies) babies and said they got pregnant after marriage and on top of that, TRIED to say their children were PREMATURE BABIES! HAHAHAH. I had the BEST laugh in the END so it doesn't matter. I STILL LOOK FINE and every time I visit, I still look the same. If I WAS pregnant, a baby would have popped out a LONG time ago or else it must be the kind of babies that are never born! haha.

3. Do what makes YOU happy, not what makes others happy.
Enough about trying to please everyone! I have a problem doing that and it sucks.

4. Stop caring about what others may think if you do this or that.

5. Who cares if you take longer to finish school, at least you never give up.

I had this one person who used to major in Nursing but dropped out because she got pregnant and married and switched to Business tell me that it's difficult to get into Nursing school. She was like, "You know that it's hard right?" in this snotty ass attitude! Now, I'm thinking to myself, "Bitch, I know it's hard, at least I'm not giving up."

6. Fuck Haters!

I'll be back! I'm going to watch a dance performance by the Dance Program here on campus. It's for class.


Wind said...

Wow, I can hear your tone of voice! It's good you don't let others get in your way! I've learned my lesson =)

jeSmakeup said...

yes. fuck the haterz!!

Kimberly Tia said...

Ive learned one thing about haters girl....

"kill'em with kindness" -- because usually they're not worth the fight, or the time of day.

Vanessa M. said...

sounds great! makes me feel good and refreshed! :)

fuzkittie said...

Word! Who the fuck cares about what others think?! Just do what makes you happy and passionate.

angie519 said...

Hahah well that's the right mindset! =) Good for you! You should make a smart comment back.. what a bitch!

Leslie said...

girl... haterz are just a waste of time and are just jealous peeps. Keep doin what u do and stay pretty! : )

JGrL8184 said...

oOoHhh GIRLLL! I feel ya! Me and my husband were together for FOUR YEARS!!! ANd still people were saying the only reason I got married was because I got pregnant. AGREEEDDD; FUCK HATERS/ END OF STORY!

LadyJane said...

I've only read a couple of your entries and you only make me want to read more :) Haters always find a way to creep under my skin even when I try to brush it off. But I came to a conclusion that hating back only takes up more of my energy. Whereas I can use that energy and channel it toward something positive and worthwhile. Your points are inspirational - thanks :)