Saturday, November 8, 2008

Less than 24 return

Hey Guys,

I recently bought So Ceylon , the MSF but.. I don't think I really like it because it's too dark for my NC 30 skin. I am thinking of returning it tomorrow. I was looking for a lighter color. Should I get the MSF Duo instead? It sounds cool to have two shades in one. If not, what products should I exchange it for.



Gee said...

So Ceylon is a little dark. I actually liked Soft & Gentle better, but I got So Ceylon b/c it's LE, lol. Soft & Gentle is permanent so I pick it up anytime, but it's as the name states...very soft :)

Anonymous said...

Really? My skin is NC27 and So Ceylon was perfect! LOL, I use a kabuki brush to put it on too, hmm. Maybe the way you put it on just distributed more product than you want on your cheeks? iunno :) lol

Diane said...

@ Anonymous: Thanks. I just didn't like the color since it's too bronzy for me. The color in general was similar to what I had. Thanks though. You make all things possible.