Sunday, November 16, 2008


This is a very sensitive topic and there is way too much information to put out there but to make it simple and understandable, here are the details and if you are interested in knowing more, please feel free to contact me.

The Hmong (aka the Miao) are tribal people who have always lived in the mountain tops of China. (I remembered in 4th grade when I read my history people and it had Miao people who had clothes similar to ours. I remember showing my mom and dad. The sad part, now that I think about it was that... it said that Miao meant barbarians and that the Miao are bad this and that. It was until I was older that the Miao was aka. Hmong)

Their resistance to Chinese assimilation led to gruesome killings that led some Hmong people to commit suicide, assimilate, or flee down south to SE Asian countries.

Most Hmong Americans today came from Laos to Thailand and then to the USA. (HOW WAS THIS POSSIBLE?)

During the Vietnam war when the Americans were losing, the American CIA sought help from us Hmong people. This was called the SECRET WAR. The Hmong were granted a life in America if they helped the Americans. The Hmong soldiers as young as 10 were fighting their lives to help save the American soldiers. It is estimated that 30 Hmong men died to save 1 American soldier. When the war came to an end in 1975, one of the most prominent heros Gen. Vang Pao and his soldiers along with other families came to the United States with the American soldiers going home.

This was the start of Hmong immigration to the USA. We, the Hmong, have only been in the USA for ~35 years.

Many Hmong people are still in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, even in the jungles hiding from the Communist. As of right now, there ARE Hmong people who are being killed like animals. I feel so thankful hence the reason why most Hmong parents want their children to suceed so bad.

Here is a video of my University on Hmong Human Rights. We set up real pictures that are current to create awareness that even after the war has ended, it hasn't stopped for those left behind. They just want what was granted to them by the American CIA- "an American future." Our shirts on the back says :Dying to. This video has real footage of back in 1975 to presently.


fuzkittie said...

Thanks for sharing this! I never knew what Hmong is...

Wind said...

Yes maam! Barb is great! I wanna try the other MUAs too though!

paperdollrevenge said...

Great post!

I never knew of Hmong until I was in's kind of sad we don't all learn these things (like about all the different cultures and histories) in high school or earlier.

That's a really great video, wow, and actual footage from 1975 'til now.

Usually I just claim Vietnamese, but I know my grandparents have French and Chinese blood in them, so I thought it'd be nice to say for once that I have some of that too, especially because most of the time, people don't think I look Vietnamese, so I think maybe there might be a trace of their mixed heritage in me. It is really hard to track ancestry though, especially depending on the kind of family you have. But wouldn't it be nice if one day we could find out all the facts about our ancestry? =)

Lily said...

this video brought me to tears. it's so easy for us americans to live in a happy little bubble and not pay attention to things that need the most attention.

jeSmakeup said...

how interesting is that... so basically mainly in china.. yea i was just wonderin what coountry is it.. since i never heard.. thanks! =)

ur last post... in blonde... howd u do that? its like ALL BLONDE! looks good.. unless that isnt u? heheh

paperdollrevenge said...

Sorry, I forgot to answer your question about the blog list!

Go to your Dashboard, then click on Layouts. On the right side, click Add A Gadget and the first one that shows is "Blog List." It's still a somewhat new feature so many you didn't see it before, but yeah that's how I show links to other blogs on my page. =)

RagingInspiration said...

This is nice =)
many people at school don't know what "hmong" is. makes me want to beat the crap out of them. no matter how much i tell them, they make fun saying "NO, you guys are Chinese"

xppinkx said...

Hey doll

HMONG people rock i have friends who are hmong and they are super funny and chill!!! and you have a face of a sweet heart

i have finally gotten the time to read up on your blog...your a asuper cutie and the BB cream really makes your skin flawless!!!...and i kinda like you with blond hair!!!

kudos bella!!