Tuesday, October 7, 2008

MAC CCO Haul and My Opinion

Hey guys,

It was my sister's traditional wedding this past weekend. Boy, was it over whelming! I am so glad I got to see my aunts! I missed them tons. No cousins but that's okay, we are all busy. Anyway, on my way to my parents' house, I stopped by the CCO and purchased myself my very first MAC foundation and MAC blush! How exciting huh!!?

I was surprised that the CCO sells permanent items from the MAC store. I had to get Melba since the MUA at Macys put it on me in my Suite Array Haul/Swatch blog below and I loved it.

NOTE: the pictures are not of the same shade but pictures to show how they look like.

I got the NC 30 shade. At first, I purchased NW 30 without looking carefully! When I got into the car, I realized it was the wrong shade! Whoo. So I had to return it. I wish I had read about this foundation before I bought it since... well.. It gives me too much glow when I have combination skin type and I'm trying to stray away from greasy cosmetics. I can't emphasize how happy I am to have a shade that is exactly for me. I don't even care if it gives me a bit of shine because this is my shade!!! I should have found my shade sooner so I wouldn't have to be this excited!

Retail on Mac website is $28
Discounted price at CCO is $19.95!!!

I got Melba which is a matte powder blush that doesn't look dark at all but when you apply it on, it has an orange/brown hue to it like bronzer. Also, a little touch of it on your brush will be all you need! HIGHLY pigmented. I am no kidding.

Retail price on Mac website is $18
Discounted price at CCO is $12 and some change!!!


Vanessa M. said...

cco rules!!! nice blush! lemme know how thier foundation works pls!!! i want one but idk about its staying power lol

Bonnie said...

NICE HAUL! The CCO near here (Canada --- CCO in Buffalo) only has LE, no permanent at all! woot woot, go CCO :)

Diane said...

Vanessa: The staying power.. well, it's liquid so I suggest a powder to set it and also some MAC Fix + of make your own glycerin water! I ran out of MAC Fix + so I refilled the bottle with my own facial mist.

Bonnie: I know right! Hooray for CCO!

SPECiAL x GiRL said...

i like the color of that blush.

the cause of the raffle was for a co-worker with cancer.

Lily said...

omg, don't you just love ccos?? i went to one for the first time a few months ago and i was so excited lol

LindaVue said...

OOOoOo which cco did you go to??? i think there is only two here in wisconsin cuz i go to the one in Johnson's creek

Diane said...

LindaVue: That's the one that I go to too=)

Vanessa M. said...

soo spray the mac fix after or before the powder?

Diane said...

Vanessa: You should do it after you use the setting powder just to SET it for the final time. =)