Saturday, October 11, 2008


Although I have this photo of my eyes closed, it's not to show you the look that I had from my Suite Array makeup appointment. It's to show you my face shape. If you haven't noticed, I have a square face shape like Jessica Simpson and Reese Witherspoon. When I smile, my chin elongates and get pointy. When I lose weight, my face looses the chubbiness and my face gets flatter. This season, I have a lot more chub* on my face but nevertheless I'm loving it. Anyway, I've been in denial this whole time because I would love to have an oval face instead of a round to square face shape.

So why did I blog about my face shape when the topic is about my hair? Well, it's important to have a hairstyle to suit your face shape. As you have seen in my videos, my hair is really long and kinda flat and straight. As much as I love it, Im getting tired of it. I've been more aware of my square face shape ( very prominent jawline) that I am contemplating in getting a perm for waves /loose barreled waves since I don't have time to curl my hair every day.

As I have researches, side swept bangs would be great. NO BLUNT CUTS EVER since it will make my jaw even more prominent. BUT, I sometimes think that prominent jaws are HOT. Only sometimes. I also read that having waves or curls can soften up the jaw. I don't want to cut my hair short short but maybe with waves, it would be a little longer than shoulder length?? I don't know.

What can I do with my hair considering my face shape and hair type yall! Some tips and advice to a sister wouldn't hurt right? Thanks!!


Vanessa M. said...

hmm well jessica simpson has lng hair...and resse has short! lol hmm i think you would like fine w either hari style, you have that "flawless" kinda look where you could do it however and itll still look good!

Bonnie said...

Coincidence? I think not! LOL. I have a round-ish, square-ish face too :) My word for it is "SQOUND" LOL. Keep your long hair, long hair looks beautiful for you and you're not looking for a drastic change anyway. Long waves are excellent, very soft and feminine & side swept bangs are a wonderful idea! If you want your jaw line to be more prominent after your hair change, just clip up the bangs :) LOL. Also, if you put up your hair (whether it be you putting it all up with a clip or pulling it into a ponytail) It creates the illusion that you have an oval face shape :) I knowwwww (; LOL, I was also thinking of getting a wave perm too. Nonetheless, you're gorgeous, any hairstyle will suit you (;

JGrL8184 said...

Awe, I think if you want something really different. You should try a dark auburnish color and a short layered look! With your heart shapped face it'll look super cute!! =)

Kimberly Tia said...

Random..but your eye makeup is YUMMY in your photo! go YOU!

jeSmakeup said...

Reese Witherspoon has a heartshape face... i dont think urs square... ive seen squared before... ur prob oval to me =)