Thursday, October 16, 2008

Forever21 Winter Clothes Haul

Winter is almost around! AHHH. I dislike winter cause it gets so cold and I dread walking in the snow on campus and feeling all cold too! Luckily, I have my coat but the babe just bought me some things to add to my winter collection to keep me snuggle, fit, and warm. These beautiful skinnies are only $12.50 on the website. I snatched myself one of each of the three different washes. AND, it'll be easy to fit into your snow boots


Denim Black

Dark Denim

These are labeled Summer Scarves but I could not give it up for only $5.50. The babe says it's too thin but what do you know.. A girl wants everything.

Magenta and Gold
Black and Gold

And a sweater for $13.50. Gotta love it!


Lily said...

i love those $12.50 jeans! i already have two of every color and i need to stock up some more haha

ahbeeedotcom said...

i have that black and gold scarf im actually wearing it to work :) for 5.50 its a great steal. and ive got 2 of those 12.50 jeans ! theyre awesome

imee said...

i love those f21 skinnies. i got sum in the grey denim, omg! the fit is pretty nice considering it was less than $13!