Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dry, Scaly Eyelids

A few mornings ago, I woke up with crusty eyes and it hurt to open my eyes. My inner corners of my eyelids were puffy, pink, dry and a bit scaly looking. Since I do not have my digicam, this google image looks very similar to mine.

It hurts when I touch the area. My right eye, which normally has a double crease, went monolid on me. It was very weird. It's been outrageously annoying. I know for sure that it's those makeup wipes from Equate. I used it too often because I did a lot of makeup looks one night. It was too harsh for my lids. FUGDE. YOU SUCK ASS and I am sticking to my CLINIQUE EYE/LIP makeup remover. It's gentle and comes off way better than those stupid wipes.

I always go to to find what the cause may be. It's a cool symptom web that asks you a question and if it's either yes or no, you follow the arrow to the next arrow leading to what might be the case. It's helped in so many cases of mine. So, in the meantime, I am going to use Vaseline since it's late and stores are closed. I should try antihistamine since it's been suggested and such.I've been trying to put lotion but it stings. Any suggestions?


imee said...

something like this happened to me, too! it was when i tried a new cleanser. at first my entire face swoll, but when it went down, i guess my eye area just took the rest of the beating.

Diane said...

imee: I just started using vaseline and it's better already!!