Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dangers of being a woman.. GRRR

So, it might be quite embarrassing but it's actually pretty common. This reminds me why I prefer pads and not stupid tampons. The only reason why I would use tampons is if I run out of pads. So, last night I went to pee and tried taking out the tampon.. but there was no string for me to pull on. I went insane thinking, " Did I forget to put one in last time?" or , " Did it get lost up there?" I'm currently waiting for a Nurse to get back to me but OMFG. With all the risks to TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) too, I need that shizz out, if there is anything. LOL. Just to shed some light on you ladies, remember if you put one in or not. I've too many things on my mind. I forgot. It was a tiny one but still, I swear it's still there. I've searched and searched but nope, no tampon to be found. I've got to seek some professional help.

In light of this, I found a great story about a missing tampon in a forum in amidst of trying to look online for a right way to "look" for my tampon. ENJOY, because this made me crack up.

(NOTE: this is NOT my story, I found this in a forum)

So my story is a little different than the ones above. So earlier that day i had put in a tampon and i had horrible cramps.I repeadtedly told my boyfriend that i was feeling horrible but I couldn’t resist him and we ended up having sex that night. Halfway through intercourse i remembered that my tampon was in, but i didn’t feel like it was hindering our sex so i just disregarded it. The next couple weeks roll by and im at work and we start getting this horrible scent around the office. Well the scent finally gets so bad that my boss calls a city worker to come down and investigate the lurking ordors. They scanned the premisis and eventually (after hours of texting plumbing) they were able to pin point the odor to my office. Once they were in my office talking about the smell it became so apparent! Mortified by the smell i ran to the bathroom about ready to throw up thinking there was a dead rat lurking in my office..only to find that the scent followed me. So i went to the bathroom to throw up but ended up going pee and out popped a 3 week old disgusting tampon in the toilet. I freaked out and fished it out and ended up passing out in the bathroom from the smell. A coworker later found me in the stall with the brown tampon in hand….lets just say they found what they were looking for.


Vanessa M. said...

omg!!! i hope your okay and that they can take it out :(
ps. that story was effin funy!

Kimberly Tia said...


That story was priceless.

Pads FTW -- even tho it's annoying to "ride the cotton pony' as my ex bf used to say...

Tampons are scary lil critters!

jeSmakeup said...

gross! blood was prob all over ur hand for findin that lil thing lol hahaha good thing i dont use tampons!! =P

Gee said...

I don't use tampons, only in must need or desperate situations. I hope you're alright!

AND, I know a similar story! My friend's teacher in highschool got drunk in Spain and slept w/ some dude, but she had a tampon in. She ended up going to a hospital to get it out and at first couldn't explain to the doctors what had happened, lol. Can you imagine? You don't know how to speak spanish and you need to explain you have a tampon stuck in haha

fuzkittie said...

OMG that story is gross! >.< I hope everything's fine with you!!

Anonymous said...



AnneNguyen said...

lmaooo! ♥