Friday, October 17, 2008

Artistry Balancing System Review- EDITED VERSION

NOTE: Sorry guys, I accidentally used the Hydrating Cleanser info as the Balancing Cleanser info. I just copy and pasted the info of the Balancing Cleanser one now. I didn't realize I had done so until now!

Remember how I posted about my skin under three layers with Madhu, an Artistry cosmetic consultant? Well, I went on ahead to purchase the Balancing Cleanser and Balancing Lotion with SPF 15. I did not get the Balancing Toner because when I tried it on, it was too harsh for my skin, hence the Hydrating Toner was my second option. It felt much better and cooling. Back to why I didn't get the Balancing Toner was because one of my roommates was buying the Hydrating Set so I am sharing the Toner with her.

FYI: Artistry only has the Hydrating or Balancing System. Hydrating is more for the normal to dry and Balancing is more for combination to oily .

After one week of really using it as a regimin, I have seen quite a change. My skin looks more uniform and there is few breakouts. I just had a few on my forehead recently due to maybe premenstrual causes or either because I have been using makeup wipes and not the liquid kind. I don't know! But anyway, let's get to the chase.

This is the Balancing Cleanser

The cleanser that cleans, clarifies, and exfoliates skin to a balanced finish.
It’s a balancing act – a cleanser that cleans, clarifies, and exfoliates skin to a balanced finish.
For combination-to-oily skin.
4.56 fl. oz.
Item #:104129
Price:$14.00 USD

What they say:

Reveal fresher skin. It’s a balancing act – a cleanser that clears, clarifies, and exfoliates skin to a balanced finish. With built-in patented exfoliation technology, you’ll reveal smooth, even-looking skin every time you cleanse. Add natural oil-controlling ingredients and you’ll be fresh-faced all day, every day.

The Verdict: I love it. This concentrated cleanser will probably last me 3 months if not more. It has a nice flowery subtle scent that I love. The price is comparable to Clinique's Cleanser which is $14.50 for 6.7 fl. oz. I would say it's about the same but Clinique was just NOT working for me. I plan on using this as a regular regime and will fill you all in more when I see more results.

This is the Hydrating Toner

This toner does more than just moisturize and prep skin.
Energize and prep skin to stay hydrated throughout the day.
For normal-to-dry skin.
6.7 fl. oz.
Item #:104127
Price:$13.50 USD

What they say:
Energize your skin. This toner does more than just moisturize and prep skin. Each application is energizing, actually boosting your skin’s ability to stay perfectly hydrated throughout the day.

The Verdict: So far so good. No sting or anything. I love it. I can see excess dirt left behind as well. Great stuff for the skin. I love using more of this than anything. It feels like water.

This is the Balancing Lotion with SPF 15
The third step in proper skin care – moisturize to balance and protect skin.
Sun-shielding UVA/UVB and patent-pending free radical protection helps prevent premature aging of the skin every time you wear it.
For combination-to-oily skin.
2.54 fl. oz.
Item #:104131
Price:$19.50 USD

What they say:
An ounce of prevention. This lotion does double duty! With sun-shielding UVA/UVB and patent-pending free radical protection, it helps prevent premature aging of the skin every time you wear it. And with natural oil-controlling ingredients, your skin will look perfectly balanced throughout the day.

The Verdict: I was skeptical of this since I have an oily T-zone but to my astonishment, this did not look oily on me, if anything, it controlled my T- zone! Also, It's highly concentrated so just a small dab (that is even smaller than a chocolate chip) is enough for your whole face.

Best thing about this is that you get 6 months to use this product and decide if you really want it or not. If not, it's free shipping to send it back and get refunded. This is where I ordered from if you guys are interested.



Gee said...

Great review! Never heard of this brand but I want to try it...

I want to try everything! Help me -_-;;;

Anonymous said...

My sister-in-law has the artistry collection also. I forgot what her's was but I tried the facial cleanser once and unfortunately my skin was too senstive for it becuse I broke out like crazy. Omg, I mean dead serious! I was so pissed, I was afraid to never try it again. So I am using mario badescu products, almay products, and acne free products. So far so good. I have acne here and there but I love the whitening mask. My acne scars are slolwy disappearing..
Oh well, I though I would like the artistry brand, especially since the design is so elegant, but I guess some people, it just doesn't work out. Gotta get to studyng. I am stress out studying so I am just taking time out..haha.. I have like 2 freakin exams..and not helping academically. Welps ttyl