Sunday, September 14, 2008


After one day of using the Bionic Mascara by Smashbox, the consistency got real yucky on me. Can you recall a mascara that you've had for quite some time that whenever you twist the cap to lock it, a lot of mascara ooze out? How about looking at a mascara wand that is full of clumped mascara? Well, after one use of that mascara, that happened to me. I was disappointed so I used my new Rumor cellphone and called the Sephora store where I purchased the mascara and described my situation. The salesperson kindly told me to bring it back in to get a new one. After class on Friday, I went in to exchange it. So far, it's been okay to me.

Makeup is becoming an obsession but I don't really use my makeup. I just want to have more. I would love it if anyone could make me a business card design. I've been wanting to have one for a while just for fun. I also like the character that itsliz89 on youtube has. It's super duper cute.

I just ordered a few things from Coastal Scents and TBK Trading. I am still expecting some lashes I ordered from my birthday! That was a long time ago sheesh! Every time I contact them, they tell me that it should be there within 1-2 weeks and because of this and that. One more week and I'm giving them an ultimatum.

I am working on a HOMECOMING DANCE hair tutorial. It seems that people like my hair tutorials a lot more. I will continue to make them!

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ilurvemakeup said...

Glad Sephora didn't give you a hard time about the exchange :) Hopefully it doesn't happen on this new mascara :)

Did you and your sis order anything from Let me know if you still need the Ardell :)