Sunday, September 28, 2008

My MAC haul from the Suite Array Collection and SWATCHES

I made an appointment with my favorite MUA at Macy's. I made my purchase of three of the suite shadows and two pearl gliders.

-Team Violets
-Shallow V. Deep
-Blue Tone
-Miss Fortune

I also finally found out my shade! YAY! So now that I know I am a Medium Dark and NC 30, I can invest in foundations!


Lily said...

yay for hauls! i still have to check out the collections in person, but i'm so lazy! lol.

Vanessa - Van's Makeup Ride said...

ooo i was gna actually pass this up..but i think you may have convinced me!

jazzzzy said...

i love how you combine colors its amazing.. your very talented. i need to restack on mac hehe im running out. thanks for the mac haul.

Diane said...

Jazzzy- The look was done by the MUA! not me. I loved it

jazzzzy said...

oh sorry bout that! hehe see im still quite the newbie at makeup even though im a licensed cosmetologist. sadly they only spent a day on makeup at beauty school. lame huh? hehe.

but i hope to learn from people like yourself so thank you for the correction and please keep up the hard work.

thank you =]

Diane said...

Jazzzzy- no problem! Also, that does suck that there was only one day of makeup!! how can that be!?? =)


Nice haul! I heard that some of the eyeshadows from the collection were chalky, what's your opinion on them?

Diane said...

[heart]: I don't think that they are very chalky. They are matte with specks of shimmer. I am wearing the ShallowV Deep one and it is rather shimmery! I will post a pic for you to see!