Friday, September 26, 2008

Mayonnaise ? and Cherry Culture has free shipping

I'm currently sitting and blogging with a bag covering the mayonnaise on my head. I wanted to test it out since I've always read about how nice and shiny the hair is after. There are many methods such as using Mayonnaise, Honey, and 1 egg altogether but I did not want to waste an egg on my hair. haha. I'd rather eat it. Anyway, I just used Kraft Mayonnaise in REAL (do not use LIGHT since I heard that it does not do anything). I'm supposed to wait about 15 minutes until I wash it out. I will post pictures. I don't want to disappoint you that I do not have Before pictures since I did not think about blogging about this and also, I'm currently charging my battery.


1st pic: In a grocery bag! It worked.
2nd pic: right after I washed off the Mayonnaise
3rd pic: About an hour after with makeup.

Pros: My roots and hair for the most part is moisturized.
Cons: Minor smell, feels very greasy at the roots and loses the greasy-ness from top to bottom.

Overall, I feel like taking a shower to wash it off. Next time, I'll just use it on mid length to the ends.

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Lily said...

ooh yay very shiny :D was it hard to wash off? did you have to use any shampoo to get it off? i can imagine all the greasy mayo sticking to the hair lol.