Monday, September 22, 2008

Artistry Face Consultant and SEX and the CITY movie!

First off, I'd like to start with my three layer skin test from Artistry but before I do, here's a background on my skin. I usually have a tight dry feeling after washing my face so I put on moisturizer. After that, about midday, I have oily skin! It's annoying. I usually do not have any allergic reactions to anything. I always have a hard time determining what feels good, okay, or great. I knew I had combination skin, but after today, I am definitely Combination skin. I saw it myself.

Under a black light (I think?), I saw the first three layers of my skin. I saw that my nose, cheeks, and chin area were clogged, which explains why I break out there most frequently. I forgot a few details but I will have a follow-up in 5 weeks. I ordered the Balancing Facial Cleanser and Lotion. After I put on the Balancing Toner, I felt a burning sensation so I bought the Hydrating Toner, which felt much better like a soothing aloe for me. I will have to custom the kit to suit my needs. The good thing is that, if in 6 months, I don't like it, I can return it and shipping to send it back is free as well. I am excited about starting my new skin regime.

My roommate Christie is going to throw a makeup party and she just recently ordered Sex and the City movie!! We are def. having a themed party!


Vanessa - Van's Makeup Ride said...

like your new page! i LOVE sex and the city!! how fun!

abby said...

i like trying new things, and it's awesome you get a 6 month trial on the product.

Kathy said...

oh wow, nursing major!

I checked your blog out after I saw Annes challenge, so how are you liking nursing so far?

I'm taking nursing in Aussie right now, how intense was your course?

Anyways, just thought I'd say hi!
great blog, you're very pretty

Diane said...

Kathy: I have not made it into the Nursing major major but I am a Pre-Nursing major. I know that it must be intense! You're from Aussi. That's awesome!