Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ly-Na Pearl Face Cream

What is this product: Ly-Na Pearl Face Cream
What does it do: It claims to remove blackheads, pimples, wrinkles, etc.
How do you apply this: Only apply at night before bed. After fully cleansing your face, apply a light layer on the area in need of medication and massage it for a few minutes. Sleep on it and wash it off well in the morning.
Precautions: If you acne gets worse, it's maybe because you did not cleanse your face thoroughly. Also, SUNLIGHT causes your skin to get dark and flaky. I advise to not use it in the morning.

I have just started using this product last night. I will be testing this product over the next few weeks to see if it really works as it claims to. I have been researching a bit to know how to use this. My step-mother used something similar and she went out in the sun and she now has a face that looks like freckles and it's really flaky. This past weekend, I saw one of my sister-in-law's mom and she had the same problem. So, if you are considering in using this product, please do not use it in the daytime unless you use some SPF please.


Jennifer L said...

ooOOo i just got pearl cream also, just kinda afraid to use it

read somewhere it contains steroids and whatnot, but my grandma mom and aunts all have used it without any problems.

and no reading how u saw brown spot, eeek scary

let me know how it works for u, thanks :D

Anonymous said...

omg, I'v been using the lyna pearl cream for a month now and its amazing!! give it a try you'll like it, my acne scars are slowly starting to fade *yahh* I am using it in conjunction with mario badescu stuff and my face is slowly clearing up.