Thursday, August 14, 2008

How to apply Ly-Na Pearl Cream

This is how I apply the Ly-Na Pearl Cream. This does not mean you have to do it my way. It's just an example of how it can be applied. If you'd like to use this method, by all means, you are welcome to. I only apply this before going to bed.

NOTE: Excuse if I look deadly! This is without any makeup on. Also, in case the pics are too small, I will rewrite the steps next to the pics.

step1. You always want a clean face to apply the medication on. If you fail to do this before the application, you may end up with more ance, blackheads, etc.

Step2. Always use a clean q-tip to get some medication. You do not want to contaminate it by using the same finger you applied the medication on and sliding it back on the cream.

step3. Dot the areas you wish to medicate. If there's not enough medication, use the other side of the q-tip. If that isn't enough either, use another clean q-tip. I went through 2 q-tips.

step4. Gently massage the medication on the area you wish to medicate for a good 30 seconds, or 1 minute to 2 minutes.

step5. Voila! you'll look super pale but you're going to sleep on it, not go out in it! Get some rest and wash it off well in the morning!


Jennifer L said...

thanks for the tutorial it was really helpful, good tip with the q-tips... i was going to use my fingers LOL

Vanessa <3 said...

blackground really? hmm ive never tried that should really do a look/review w it! i bet i looks cool w some yellow pigment huh?